NO JOKE: Baidu Eye is China's version of Google Glass

Every year, Baidu, a leading Chinese search engine, hosts a developer's conference called Baidu World. This time, the company itself took the opportunity to show off two new prototypes: A wearable called Baidu Eye, and Kauisou, a pair of smart chopsticks.
Baidu has decided to follow the global search engine’s footsteps. The company is producing a Google Glass-like eyewear.
First announced in April 2013, Baidu Eye initially drew many comparisons to Google's head-mounted display.
The Baidu Eye has an in-built camera but no screen, and conveys information to the user via an earpiece or by connecting to a smartphone.

Like Google Glass, Baidu Eye is controlled by voice and gesture. Unlike Google Glass, it comes without a display. Instead, it captures information and delivers it to your smartphone. The Eye is tailor-made for Baidu's image search technology, viewing and processing information in your field of vision. 

Baidu is planning to integrate Eye with social networks, gaming sites, as well as offer hands-free activities like taking photos and videos or answering calls.

Baidu Eye is still in its early stages and the company is still working with several manufacturers to bring it to market. No word yet on its expected price or availability.

On the other hand, the sticks, which also include a sodium analyzer to help users regulate their daily salt intake, can connect to any computer via wi-fi and Bluetooth.

The chopsticks, named Kuaisou, is still in the prototype stage.

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