WHERE IN METRO MANILA: DetoxifyBar offers, not alcohol, but vegetable detox juices for a healthy living

I first saw Detoxify Bar when I was watching ABS-CBN News' "My Puhunan." I immediately included this place in my 'must try' list.

The main branch is located at McKinley Hill (Ground floor, Bldg. 3, Tuscany Private Estates) in Taguig City but I was able to find another branch in Eastwood, Quezon City (2nd floor Techno Plaza 2).


In an article published by ABS-CBN News, Joy Torres said she started making vegetable smoothies after her son, Matthew, was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease.

Matthew was used to eating junk food, but following doctor’s orders, Torres had to change her son’s diet to add more vegetables and fruits.

To push Matthew to eat healthy, Torres decided to concoct vegetable smoothies using her own recipe.

She eventually found the perfect mix after many attempts, and it soon became a hit even with Matthew’s classmates.


Detox, according to its website, is the act of fasting or abstaining from your regular diet and relying on supplying your body with micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables such as the juices and meals sold by DetoxifyBar. Detox flushes out bodily toxins and gives it a reboot.

Most of us sacrifice eating healthy meals for the quicker, more convenient calorie and toxin loaded fast food or instant meals. People need to take control of their body and give themselves a break from processed food. We need to start cleansing our body to flush out the harmful toxins from eating too much unhealthy food. 


The detoxification process strictly prohibits solid food intake and drinks with caffeine and alcohol. Detoxify Bar’s Full Detox Package includes 5 signature juices of your choice, an organic  detox tea and an organic laxative tea which are to be consumed as follows:

  • Breakfast = 1 bottle of juice
  • AM Snack = 1 bottle of juice
  • Lunch = 1 bottle of juice + 1 cup organic detox tea
  • PM Snack = 1 bottle of juice
  • Dinner = 1 bottle of juice
  • Bedtime = 1 cup organic laxative tea


All priced at P220, you may choose which of the detox juices you want to try.

The Green Vegan Detox is designed to quickly, safely and effectively purge the body of the harmful deteriorant toxins that have dulled the senses and hindered proper vitamin and nutrient absorption. This drink is so densely loaded with vitamins and micro-nutrients per ounce that a glass of Green Vegan is equivalent in nutritional value to an average person's vegetable consumption for a week effectively restoring your body's pH balance to a healthy alkaline state. Recondition the system with the elixir we like to think of as mother earth's magnum opus. Ingredients are apple, cucumber, Romaine lettuce, broccoli, celery, moringa and lemon.

With apple, carrot, lemon, beet and cucumber, Red Vegan Detox is designed for athletes and those with an active lifestyle or for anybody who needs an extra boost in stamina and vigor during their detox. Unlike caffeine or artificial stimulants that give short spurts of, the Red Vegan provides you with a steady and sustained higher energy level that fuels you throughout the day. Power and robust vitality the all-natural way.

Composed of apple, berries, mint leaf and lemon, Minty Berry Detox relieves stress. Erase and rewind all the harsh effects of stress and environment, the Minty Berry Detox may very well be a virtual drink from the fountain of youth. Berries are rich in anti-oxidants that fight harmful free radicals and has long been regarded as skin food is also believed to aid in concentration and effect a sharper focus and clarity of mind.

Lemon Detox with maple syrup and cayenne pepper cleanses your body while naturally bosting your immune system while the cayenne pepper significantly boosts your metabolism. Citrus fruits have been regarded for centuries as strong anti-viral immuno-boosters and has since been the basis for many vitamin supplements. We have harnessed the power of citron in Yellow Detox to bring you cleansing in its simplest and most natural form. This light drink is a favorite and often serves as a springboard to detoxifying.

Powered by ginger, Gold Detox naturally strengthen and boost your body's first line of defense against everyday stress and pollutants from the environment. Loaded with protein and fiber from organic chia seeds, feel full and cleanse your digestive tract while instantly and safely boost your immune system with this golden juice we refer to as our magic potion.

Rich in folate, Orange Vegan Detox does wonders for cardiovascular health and is the perfect drink for fetal development. A delicious and naturally sweet medley of fruit and vegetable goodness, this soothing Omega-3, protein and carbohydrate packed super drink keeps you satiated and in top condition. Ingredients are carrot, pear, spinach, celery, cucumber, Romaine lettuce and lemon.


Each individual has their own unique wants and needs. Nobody knows your own body more than yourself, so go ahead and listen to it. My Mashup lets you customize a juice that’s tailor-made for you down to the last ounce. Mix and match 2, 3 or even all of our juices to suit your own personal taste and nutritional requirement or even just to cater to your mood for the day. Imagine your perfect juice… now sit back, relax and let us make your dream come true.


Let's take a look at their menu.

Indulge in Salmon with Asparagus, Maple Glazed Chicken and Rosemary Chicken that are big on flavor yet lean on the fat.

Made with only the freshest greens packed with an all-organic twist that's guaranteed to change the way you think about salads, High Protein Salad and Garden Fresh Salad are crisp, light and just right.

All made with organic and low-fat cheese, Tuna Melt, Hearty Vegan, Chicken Pesto and 3 Cheese are sure to delight you whether in grilled paninis or in whole wheat wraps.

Get your fill of healthy carbohydrates the smart way with Asian Stir-fry Chicken pasta, In Olive Oil pasta and Pesto pasta.

Luscious red ripe tomatoes and sweet basil topped with parmesan makes Organic Tomato Basil simple yet hearty organic soup an all time favorite, as well as a soother to ease the digestive system both before and after juice fast.


1 Day’s Detox Package includes 5 bottles of your choice, 2 organic tea  and 1 thermal bag to keep juices chilled while in transit. Detoxify Bar can only accept and commit to deliver the first 100 detox packages per day. They deliver with delivery charge for a minimum purchase of 1 Day’s Detox Package or equivalent amount - within Quezon City, P100 and outside Quezon City (within Metro Manila, Las Pinas, Alabang), P150. You may call 9048243 / 5040729 /


The juices are perishable in nature (no preservatives, 100% organic goodness). They are best consumed within 24 hours.


You may follow their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their e-mail address is info@detoxifybar.com for queries and franchise@detoxifybar.com for franchising agreement.

The juicing business is growing but this is something you should try. Their creations are original. Why it is gaining a growing list of loyal customers like celebrities? It's not just because of its products but also the comfortable feel of the place and its accommodating people.

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Author: Paul Michael Camania Jaramillo

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