I DO Couples

In a relationship for 11 years
Origin: They are both from Quezon City
Age: Carlo is 30 and Kara is 28
Occupation: He is a Photographer/Model and she is a Singer/Song-writer/Artist
Hobbies: Biking, playing music & photography

Carlo was the school heartthrob, however he claims he actually never had a girlfriend in school since he was shy. Eventually, Carlo did fall in love with someone but it was through his ex-girlfriend that he met the woman he would really fall for and be with for 11 years and counting, Kara. Carlo proposed to Kara to be his wife via Skype since Kara was in Singapore for her singing gigs. Carlo also once traveled all the way to Singapore by himself and surprised Kara. It was one of the most romantic things he believes he’s done since it was his very first airplane ride, and it was all worth it.

Carlo Medina
Carlo has appeared in several advertisements as a model. His real passion though is photography as he dreams to own a studio one day. Currently, Carlo takes care of his father who owns an antique shop business. Carlo also covers and documents his girlfriend Kara and her music gigs around the Metro.

Kara Mendez
Music runs in Kara’s blood. It is through music that she is able to express herself. She owns a 16-year old guitar, which she received as a graduation gift from her aunt who raised her. She is a singer, song-writer and bassist of an all girl band. She has had "No Boyfriend Since Birth" until she met Carlo at the age of 17. 
In a relationship for 7 years
Origin: They are both from Rizal
Age: Chad is 25 & Sheela is 25
Occupation: He is an on-call waiter and she is a Baker
Hobbies: Basketball, reading books & jogging

Chad really fell in love with her neighbor, Sheela, the moment he saw her for the first time. In fact, Chad transferred to Sheela’s school just to be with her. A simple movie date - wherein they became an official couple - turned into seven years of sharing love and responsibilities with one another. Occasionally, Sheela would clean Chad’s house while Chad would help her with the laundry at her place.  Chad would also cook for her mom and bond with her father over basketball. Above anything else, they believe that making God the center of their relationship is what makes them strong as a couple.

Chad Fontanilla
Chad currently works as an on-call waiter at a restaurant while waiting for feedback from his job applications. He dreams of working as a restaurant manager in a cruise ship so he can start giving back to his family and save up for his and Sheela's future. He loves playing basketball and working out. But before everything else, Chad always passes by the church to give praise and thank the Lord for all life’s blessings.

Sheela Beterbo
Sheela currently runs her own cupcake and pastry business with her sister. She considers herself a perfectionist in this field, as she would even stay up very late just to make sure the design of the cupcakes is precise. Sheela is a simple girl who values the feeling of being loved, accepted and appreciated. Years from now, she sees herself as a happy wife with the perfect husband, Chad; having five kids and a successful business.
In a relationship for 3 years
Origin: He is from Mandaluyong and she is from Pasig
Age: Chris is 44 & Karen is 25
Occupation: He is a Businessman and she is a Radio DJ/Host/Model
Hobbies: Boxing, MMA & watching movies

With her fun-loving and positive attitude, it’s no secret why Chris fell in love with Karen. Despite the age gap of almost two decades, these two have so much in common – love of travelling, swimming, boxing and trying out new things. They love to surprise one another but the biggest surprise Karen got was when the elevator of her condominium was broken one time and she had to carry her luggage all the down from the 30th floor. Out of nowhere, Chris, who at that time was entertaining overseas visitors and wasn’t at all expected to be in the area, ran up just to help her and Karen was surprised to see him when they met at the 20th floor. Karen was very touched by his surprise especially after seeing him out of breath.

Chris Tan
Chris is a Filipino-Chinese businessman. He manages several businesses - a production house and a boxing gym among others. He engages in a lot of sports including swimming, mixed martial arts and karate. He says he’s never satisfied with his achievements because he always thinks that he can do more.

Karen Bordador
At the age of 26, Karen has had a lot of accomplishments such as a being a radio DJ for a prestigious radio station, modeling, hosting live events, gigs and online shows, and recently, putting up her own business – an online site for girls where they can shop and socialize. Karen is outgoing and regarded by her boyfriend as someone who really has a positive outlook in life which he truly admires.  

In a relationship for 3 months
Origin: He is from England and she is from Guam, USA
Age: Christian is 22 & Chelsea is 24
Occupation: He is a Model and she is a Model/Real Estate Agent
Hobbies: Rugby, gym & cooking/baking

Two foreigners with Filipino hearts finding love in the Philippines sums up the story of Christian and Chelsea. It was during a photo shoot for an advertisement that Christian noticed Chelsea and instantly fell in love with her. Constant chatting on social media and texting swiftly brought their romance to the next level. They’ve only been together for three months but Christian and Chelsea have enjoyed each other’s company and have regarded their relationship as something seriously worth keeping.

Christian Busby
Christian was born in Bournemouth, England and is the oldest among the four siblings in his family. He particularly plays rugby really well as he was once a member of a team that was undefeated in his town. An unfortunate accident in one of his games, however, prevented him from continuing his sports career. He later pursued modeling and is now seen in various television and print ads in the Philippines.

Chelsea Robato
Chelsea was born of pure Chinese parents in Guam, USA. She studied in the University of Guam and received a real estate license. She later pursued a career in modeling in the Philippines and has excelled in the field, appearing in various advertisements. Her experiences in television, print and ramp modeling led her to accomplish a lot such as winning a reality show about fashion and placing in beauty pageants. Chelsea’s biggest dream is to travel the world and experience different cultures.
In a relationship for 5 years
Origin: They are both from Baguio City
Age: Emil is 28 and Honey is 27
Occupation: He is a Businessman/grappling trainer and she is a Business owner
Hobbies: Brazillian Juijitsu, gym & walking the dogs

Emil met Honey in a resto bar through a common friend and the night ended in an exchange of text messages, chatting over coffee and getting to know each other. Five years later, Emil and Honey are still happy together, sharing their interests in traveling, working out and even in managing their business. Testimonies from friends reveal that Emil has changed for the better primarily because of Honey and thus their peers are very supportive of their relationship.

Emil Bautista
Emil engages in a lot of sporty activities including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, soccer, grappling and weight lifting. In 2011, he won a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament which he considers as one of his greatest achievements so far. Behind his tough guy image, Emil has a soft side for animals. Much like his girlfriend Honey, he loves pets, as he owns three cats and ten dogs. Emil dreams of owning his own gym and train to win big in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on the international stage.

Honey Avelino
Honey is the eldest among 4 siblings. Her brother is actor Paulo Avelino. She handles her own business of networking skin care products and also partners with Emil in a multi-level marketing business. As her part-time job, she also teaches English to Japanese students online. Honey is a super pet lover; growing up she has taken care of different kinds of animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, fish and birds. Honey dreams of having a big food, gym or spa business but would also like to be a successful television host or reporter.
In a relationship for 1 year
Origin: He is from Negros Oriental/UK and she is from Cebu City
Age: Harry is 28 and Princess is 27
Occupation: He is an Athlete and she is a Project Developer
Hobbies: Swimming, diving & filmaking

When Harry met Princess, he was one of the judges of the Miss Earth Pageant, which was organized by Princess and her team. Ever since then, organizing events has been the recurring theme in their relationship as Harry recounts that he once organized a surprise party for Princess, which made her happy. Likewise, Princess planned a big birthday surprise for him, which he regards as the most romantic act his girlfriend has ever done for him.

Harry Morris
Harry was born in Santa Calina, Negros Oriental to a British father and Filipina Mother. He is the oldest among his 4 siblings – two younger brothers and sisters. He is a professional rugby player and is joined by his brother Fred in the national rugby team Philippine Volcanoes. Aside from being a national athlete, Harry also works as a consultant with a background in banking and finance.

Princess Manzon
Princess was a former housemate of Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up – the third regular season of the reality show. After PBB, she appeared in several ABS-CBN programs such as Imortal and movies like My Neighbor's Wife and Two Funerals. She was a runner-up of Miss Earth Philippines in 2012 and currently, the acting director of Miss Earth Foundation. 
In a relationship for 3 years
Origin: He is from Korea and she is from Quezon City
Age: Jimmy is 30 and Kring is 28
Occupation: He is a the Head of Merchandise Dept. and she is a Marketing Manager
Hobbies: Photography, blogging & writing

Kring has had “No Boyfriend Since Birth” until she met Jimmy when she was already 25. She once organized a K-Pop event wherein she needed a photographer who happened to be the guy she eventually fell for. A simple exchange of phone numbers led to a deeper appreciation of each other and their respective cultures. Jimmy recalls that from the weekend they met up until five months after, he would wake her up with a phone call each day. Being together for three years now, The “Krimmy Couple,” as they are more popularly known, continues to share their love story through their blogs and videos on the internet.
Yong Jin Kim
Jimmy was born in Seoul, Korea but currently resides in the Philippines as he manages his business of merchandising Korean accessories. He collects cameras and lenses since he is into photography – an interest that eventually led him to his love interest, Kring. He loves commuting around Metro Manila - riding different kinds of public transportation - something he believes he does well since he is good with directions.

Kring Elenzano
Kring works as a marketing manager but also earns a living by writing, directing, producing and hosting shows both for TV and online. She has been a K-Pop fan since 2004 and has organized various K-Pop events. She considers hosting the Dream K-Pop Fantasy Concert in front of 16,000 fans as one of her most memorable experience in her life.
In a relationship for 8 years
Origin:  They are both from Davao Ctiy
Age: Kaiser is 24 and Jza-Jza is 24
Occupation:  He is a Real Estate Agent and she is a Make-up artist
Hobbies: Writing songs, dancing & watching movies

Kaiser and Jza-Jza have already been together for eight years but still treat each other as if they’re in the courting stage of their relationship. They have fought so hard for their relationship as they recall that Kaiser once sacrificed losing some friends just to be with Jza-Jza. All is well now for them, as most of their friends regard them as a very fun-loving couple that always makes others around them happy.

Kaiser Boado
Kaiser lives with his mother, sister and girlfriend of eight years, Jzajza. Currently, he works as a real estate agent. He loves to write songs and even received an award for it in a song-writing competition last 2010. With his good sense of humor, there's never a dull moment with Kaiser.

Jzaenna Pantonial
Jza-Jza is a young woman who loves fashion, make-up, going out to shop and hanging out with friends. When asked about her addiction, Jza-Jza automatically answers make-up. It makes her happy and that's the reason why her free time is usually spent watching make-up tutorial videos and applying it to herself. Right now, she's working as a make-up artist for a popular cosmetic brand. 
In a relationship for 3 years
Origin: They are both from Pasig City
Age: Miko is 20 and Marie is 21
Hobbies: Basketball, reading books & watching TV

Miko and Marie are the youngest couple in the I Do Village. At the age of 18, Marie got pregnant with their child named Kirsten. She is one of the biggest blessings in their lives and has been the constant inspiration for keeping their love for each other alive. Marie claims that Miko is the sweetest guy ever. She has even kept the very first roses she received from Miko which she truly treasures since he is only the guy who has ever given her flowers.

Miko Trinidad
He may be the quiet type but Miko is very expressive when showing his love for Marie and their baby. He enjoys watching as well as playing basketball and DOTA. Miko idolizes Michael Jordan and dreams of becoming a professional basketball player someday.

Marie Reyes
Aside from being a stay-at-home mom to Kirsten, Marie also sells homemade brownies for extra income. She's also a good cook, one of the many reasons why Miko fell in love with her. Marie used to be a model for a catalogue magazine but her real dream is to study Culinary Arts and be a chef someday. 
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