Mr. World 2014 Official Candidates



Age: 25
Height: 183
Languages: Spanish, Basic English

Student Jose is from the Cordoba province of Argentina, where he is currently in his final year of an Architecture Degree. Describing himself as “companionable, transparent and honest” Jose currently works as a personal trainer to fund his studies and enjoys keeping fit. He has aspirations of raising a happy family, and to be happy with his chosen career path. In his spare time Jose is part of several societies, including a music school, where he likes to sing. Jose is also a skilled sculptor, enjoying working with a variety of materials.

More Facts on Jose
- Current Occupation – Student, Final Year Architecture
- Jose is part of a medieval re-enactment society!
- Favourite Music – Sounds of the 80s
- Favourite Book – The Secret
- Personal Motto – “No matter where you get, never forget who you are.”


Age: 25
Height: 184
Languages: English

25 year old Nick is a personal trainer born in South Australia before growing up in the Northern Territory. Describing himself as “friendly, honest, tenacious and spontaneous”, Nick has aspirations of owning a successful business, a journey he began recently in co-founding a modelling agency. He enjoys playing guitar, something which has taken him all the way to the X-Factor Australia TV show. In his spare time Nick likes to watch movies, read books, write songs and listen to music.

More Facts on Nick
- Current Occupation – Personal Trainer
- Strangest Job – Dressing up & Acting as Shrek!
- Favourite Food – Cake & Ice Cream
- Nick is a ballroom dancer, and says he was teaching by the time he was 14!
- Personal Motto - “Keep going even if things don’t; work out, just keep trying harder”

Philipp KNEFZ

Age: 21
Height: 185
Languages: German, English

21 year old Philipp was born in Judenburg but grew up in Fohnsdorf, central Austria. Currently a student, Philipp describes himself as an “athletic, ambitious, determined, though open minded young man who continuously needs new challenges and goals in life.” An accomplished cook, Philipp likes to prepare fresh meals, made from organic foods. He loves all sports and likes to listen to house and electro when working out.

More Facts on Philipp
- Current Occupation: Student-Civil Engineering.
- Philip Lives in Graz, the hometown of Arnold Schwarzenegger! (and Miss World 1969 Eva Rueber Staier!)
- Philipp has a pet cat called Lucky – who “has been a loyal companion in good times as in bad ones for 15 years now.”
- Proudest moment: “The decisive moment in my life was when I traded computer games and fast food for sports, fitness and a healthy diet. (I) was given a whole new direction and suddenly everything changed for the better.”
- Personal Motto – Never take advice from pessimists, and never take no for an answer.

DeVaughn GOW
Anyelo Bryan ROCA ROCA

Age: 18
Height: 196
Languages: Spanish, Portuguese

18 year old Anyelo is currently in his first year of University. Focused on his studies, Anyelo has aspirations of pursuing a career in the petro-chemical industry once he graduates. Anyelo lives with his family, in Guayaramerin, a city on the border with Brazil. He says he is inseparable from his twin brother, with both of them studying, playing sports and socialising together. In his spare time he enjoys listening to electronic music, motorcycle rallying, and he plays competitive racquetball. When it comes to food, Anyelo loves filet mignon and Yatorana, a fish native to the Amazon rivers.

More Facts on Anyelo
- Current Occupation – Student – Petroleum Engineering
- Favourite Book – Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes
- Anyelo has a pet Siamese Cat
- Won his first Racquetball championship in 2009
- Personal Motto – “With perseverance you can achieve everything”


Age: 19
Height: 193

Mirza lives in the town of Brčko in the north of the country, a town on the banks of the river Sava. He is currently studying Physiotherapy with aspirations of starting his own physio or chiropractic centre in the future. When it comes to sports, Mirza loves rowing and hopes to achieve his goal of getting into the national rowing team. He also likes to kayak, a sport he regular partakes in. In his spare time he likes to listen to music, especially hip hop and rock, and he likes to keep active as much as possible.

More Facts on Mirza
- Current Occupation – Student, Physiotherapy
- Mirza was born in Germany but grew up in Bosnia & Herzegovina.
- Favourite Books – Thrillers
- Favourite Food – Meat and vegetables
- Personal Motto – “Faith in yourself is key to success.”

Reinaldo DALCIN

Age: 28
Height: 180

Reinaldo lives with his family in the city of Canoas, in the Rio Grande do Sul state, south Brazil. Currently working in fashion, he hopes to be able to use his experiences at Mr World to further his career. In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer and handball, going to the theatre, listening to music and reading. One of his most memorable times was moving to Ireland to work in his family business, selling hotdogs on the streets of Dublin. He says the experience was an invaluable life lesson and very enjoyable.

More Facts on Reinaldo
- Current Occupation – Fashion Model
- Favourite Book - Intermitencias da Morte, by José Saramago
- Favourite Food – Sushi
- Favourite Song - Jason Mraz – “I won’t give up”
- Personal Motto “Storms pass but we need to learn how to dance in the rain.”


Age: 26
Height: 180
Languages: English, Korean

Jin is a student living in the city of Vancouver on the west coast of Canada. Currently at University, Jin is studying Communications & Political Economy, with ambitions of a career in the field of environmental communication & PR. In his spare time Jin likes to keep active playing football, hockey and paintballing, he likes to debate and is keen on politics and environmentalism. Jin is also a dancer, skilled at hip hop dance. He says that he is “committed to hard work and excellence” and that his family is “supportive through everything.”

More Facts on Jin
- Current Occupation – Student, Communications & Political Economy
- Favourite Food – Sushi
- Favourite Music – K-Pop
- Personal Motto - “My heart and my mind will carry me when my limbs are too weak”

Hong Zhen TANG

Age: 25
Height: 190
Languages: Chinese, Basic English

Hong is a model living and working in WuHan, HuBei province, central China. Hong say he has a healthy outlook on life and is always positive in his statements and actions. An Electronics major during his studies, Hong has turned his attention to the world of fashion, something which he says gives him a lot of pleasure, and has been rewarding in his time in the industry. His ambition is to get world recognition for his modelling, something he will work hard to achieve. In his spare time he enjoys reading and playing basketball, and he likes the music of Michael Jackson.

More Facts on Hong
- Current Occupation – Fashion Model
- Hong was awarded as a Top 10 Professional Model for 2013 in China.
- He has two pets; a dog and a cat.
- Favourite Food – Dumplings & Peking Duck
- Personal Motto - “Where there is a will, there is a way.”


Age: 28
Height: 190
Languages: Spanish, English

Tomas comes from a big traditional family, born and raised in Medellin; “The city of flowers, coffee and mountains.” An Advertising graduate, Tomas currently works as a publicist, and started his own web and graphic design firm 3 years ago. He would also like to work on television as a host or actor. Tomas describes himself as “outgoing, adventurous” he “loves taking risks and new opportunities.” In his spare time Tomas likes to keep fit, read drama novels and go swimming.

More Facts on Tomas
- Current Occupation – Publicist.
- Favourite music – Electronic Dance Music
- Favourite food – Mexican
- Has a pet Boston Terrier dog.
- Personal Motto - "If you don’t take risks in life, you risk even more!"

Zuemerik Clementino Richard VEERIS

Age: 22
Height: 194
Languages: Papiamento, English, Dutch, Spanish

22 year old Zuemerik was born and raised in Willemstad, Curacao’s capital. Describing himself as “a determined person that fights for what I want to achieve”, Zuemerik wants to use his talents to become a model, painter and a singer. Singing is a passion of Zuemerik’s and he once sang for the Queen of Curacao alongside his sister and cousins at a public event on the island. Aside from singing, he is a talented volleyball player, a sport his whole family enjoys, and he says that they all have the opportunity to play at a national level for their country.

More Facts on Zuemerik
- Current Occupation – Works @ the National Librayr of Curacao
- Favourite Food – Curacao Tutu
- Zuemerik has a twin sister.
- Favourite Music – R&B and Gospel
- Personal Motto – “Ambition may be a vice, but it can be the mother of virtue!”


Age: 23
Height: 181
Languages: Danish, English

Describing himself as “The happiest guy in the world, who lives life to the fullest”, Nicklas hails from Brondby, a suburb of Copenhagen. A qualified carpenter, he has aspirations of starting his own carpentry firm in the near future. He would also like to try his hand at acting if the opportunity arises. A keen sportsman, Nicklas loves to play football, as well as swimming and going to the gym. When it comes to music, Nicklas is a fan of the 90’s but says he also listens to hip hop and RnB. He also loves to travel, fulfilling a lifelong dream after his apprenticeship when he travelled to Australia.

More Facts on Nicklas
- Favourite Food - Gambas al Ajillo
- Current Occupation – Carpenter
- His friends call him spot, because of a birthmark on the side of his head.
- Personal Motto – “The World is your oyster”

Braylin Miguel VARGAS NUNEZ

Age: 22
Height: 0
Languages: Spanish, Basic English

Braylin was born and raised in Santiago, Dominican Republic’s second city. A social communication graduate, Braylin is an up and coming media personality, currently working as a TV host, with experience in radio, theatre and cinema also. His ambition is to become a great professional in the entertainment industry, as well as being an inspiration to others. In his spare time he enjoys playing sports such as baseball and volleyball, he is a musician, capable of playing the Tambora and the Piano, and he likes to help out down at his local children’s hospital.

More Facts on Braylin
- Current Occupation – TV Host, PR
- Previous jobs include working as a Radio Announcer.
- Braylin has a Boston Terrier pet dog.
- Favourite food – Dominican & Mexican Cuisine
- Personal Motto – “Problems should be converted into challenges, not obstacles.”


Age: 23
Height: 193
Languages: French, Basic English, Basic Spanish

With a diploma in sports science, 21 year old Thibault is currently training to be an osteopath, with ambitions of pursuing a career in this field. Hugely into sports, Thibault enjoys watching as well as playing, and used to coach a youth team for several years. Describing himself as “a very sociable person”, he likes to be with friends in his spare time, and also working alongside the “Main dans le main” (Hand in Hand) charitable association. He has 3 pets, a dog called Charlotte and two cats called Guliver and Ice Tea.

More Facts on Thibault
- Current Occupation – Student
- Favourite Food – Duck Liver with Raisins
- Favourite Book – Of Mice & Men by John Steinbeck
- Thibault can talk in sign language.


Age: 26
Height: 185
Languages: English

Coventry born Jordan is a professional singer with aspirations of establishing himself as a major act. Influenced by the Rat Pack and swing music, he is the UK’s leading Michael Buble tribute performer. After reaching X-Factor boot-camp in 2010, he is currently set for the TV Audition stage of X-Factor 2014, and says he wants to win this year. Aside from music, Jordan is a keen sports fan, and likes to keep fit at the gym. He loves to travel and hopes to be able to use his talents to see the world in the future.

More Facts on Jordan
- Current Occupation – Professional Singer
- Has a pet Spaniel called Holly.
- Favourite meal – Fish/Steak and Chips.
- Personal Motto - "Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today."


Age: 23
Height: 186
Languages: German, English, Turkish

Born and raised in Koeln, Germany, 23 year old Yasin is an aspiring actor with appearances to his name already in his fledgling career. A fan of sports, Yasin loves to keep fit, go swimming and play football. He says his greatest achievement to date is losing 53kg whilst getting into shape, and hopes his physique and acting skills will land him a major blockbuster movie role in the future. Yasin likes to eat shrimp dishes, as well as salads complemented by turkey, chicken or tuna. Yasin’s favourite music is slow dance and jazz music.

More Facts on Yasin
- Current Occupation – Actor
- Yasin is also working as an official Cristiano Ronaldo body double!
- Personal motto - “If you think something seems unattainable, then remember it is in your hand!”

Nii Tackie LARYEA

Age: 23
Height: 177
Languages: English, Ga

Nii was born and raised in Accra, Ghana’s coastal capital city. A student of Banking and Finance, Nii has completed his degree and is awaiting his graduation. In the future he hopes to become a lawyer, but has dual aspirations, also wishing to pursue a career in the music industry. Nii likes to rap, sing and play the guitar, and hopes these skills will help him progress as a musician. In his spare time, Nii likes to listen to other people’s music and organise Christmas parties for less privileged children.

More Facts on Nii
- Current Occupation – Student, Banking & Finance.
- Favourite Song – Tracy Chapman – Fast Car
- Nii has a pet dog.
- Favourite Food – Ghanaian Banku cuisine, especially Tilipia fish.
- Personal Motto – “No dream is too big.”


Age: 22
Height: 177
Languages: French, English, Creole, Spanish

22 year old Borys is a lifeguard from Les Abymes, Guadeloupe, an island he describes as “very beautiful... Tropical paradise in the Caribbean.” Describing himself as a very happy man, Borys says he likes everything in life, and is especially a fan of boxing, football and swimming. His future ambitions are to make it big in the entertainment industry, and star in action movies. He Likes to listen to traditional Caribbean music as well as hip hop.

More Facts on Borys
- Current Occupation – Life Guard
- Favourite foods – Curries & Caribbean cuisine
- He has a pet cat.
- Favourite music – Hip Hop
- Personal Motto – “I have so much ambition that the future fears me.”

Jorge Santos LOPES

Age: 19
Height: 0
Languages: Portuguese, French

Jorge lives with his family is Bissau, the capital city of Guinea – Bissau. He describes himself as “A calm person, always joking.” Currently a student, Jorge hopes to become an administrator in the future. His biggest passion is football, and he loves to play it as often as he can. When it comes to culture, Jorge is a big fan of his countries traditions, its music, its literature and its food.

More Facts on Jorge
- Current Occupation – Student
- Favourite Food - Salad
- Favourite Music – Zouk Love
- Personal Motto – “It will be good”

Mackendy ASMATH

Height: 183
Languages: Creole, French, English

Born and raised in Port-Au Prince, Mackendy describes himself as “a down to earth person that is very focused and responsible.” A keen photographer, he has ambitions of furthering his skills and becoming an established and respected professional photographer. In his spare time he enjoys listening to house music, practicing his video and photo editing skills, and going to the gym. His favourite sports are football, volleyball and basketball.

More Facts on Mackendy
- Current Occupation - Photographer
- Mackendy has an identical twin.
- His favourite book is ‘The Secret’
- Mackendy graduated at the top of his class in High School.
- Personal motto – ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’

Prateek JAIN

Age: 25
Height: 191
Languages: Hindi, English

Prateek was born in Rajasthan, growing up with his loving family in Bangalore. A Business Management graduate, Prateek worked as an investment banker for a while before a stint as a mixed martial arts fighter. Now working in fashion, he still has love for martial arts, and is skilled in several disciplines, including kickboxing, MMA, Jujitsu and wrestling. He says that his younger brother is his “partner in all possibilities” and they have a great bond. Prateek loves his country and he says he “intends to do my best and hardest to make my country shine on the world map.”

More Facts on Prateek
- Current Occupation – Model
- Favourite Food – Indian Cuisine
- He has a pet dog called Jack
- Favourite music genre – Dubstep
- Knows how to dance 'Bollywood Style'


Age: 25
Height: 191
Languages: English

Karl is an actor and model born and raised in the bustling city of Dublin. Describing himself as “a colourful individual” Karl auditioned for X Factor with his band 2 years ago, narrowly missing out on a place at the judge’s houses. In his spare time he likes to keep fit by running, swimming and going to the gym. His life ambitions are to become a successful actor and to travel the world. One of the strangest jobs he has taken is helping a cow give birth during a television advert filming, and he has also worked as a Cristiano Ronaldo Impersonator.

More Facts on Karl
- Current Occupation – Actor
- Favourite Food – Chicken Curry
- Favourite Book – The Secret
- Karl is a huge fan of “Old School” Music
- Personal Motto - “Anything is possible to those who believe”


Age: 21
Height: 196
Languages: Italian, Basic English

Adamo was born and raised in Padua, a city in Northern Italy famous for its university where Galileo Galilei once lectured. After achieving a diploma in mechanics, Adamo currently works as a tool maker in the family business, although he is also making waves in the fashion industry; something he wishes to continue with in the future. In his spare time, he enjoys keeping fit and going swimming, as well as reading literature and listening to house music. He likes to eat traditional Italian cuisine, with pizza his favourite dish.

More Facts on Adamo
- Current Occupation – Tool Maker & Model
- Adamo enjoys Gardening in his spare time.
- Favourite Book - Tre Metri Sopra Il Cielo by Federico Moccia
- Adamo has two pet rabbits.
- Personal Motto - Elegance is not in being noticed, but being remembered.

Tsuyoshi AKABOYA

Age: 21
Height: 189
Languages: Japanese

Describing himself as a hardworking person, Tsuyoshi resides in Tokyo, the city he grew up in. Currently a student, Tsuyoshi has aspirations of a career in the world of fashion, building on his experience which has already seen him work with Giorgio Armani and Yuki Bell Femme. His hobbies include playing football, he enjoys watching anime films, and he likes to sink his teeth into a good meat dish.

More Facts on Tsuyoshi
- Current Occupation – University Student, Economics
- Favourite TV Show – “One Piece”
- Favourite Sport - Football

Jae Yeon LIM

Age: 20
Height: 188
Languages: Korean, English

Jae Yeon was born and raised in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Currently a student, Jae Yeon has aspirations of following in his father’s (and sisters!) footsteps in becoming a doctor. With a lot of studying ahead of him, Jae Yeon hopes to continue working as a model during his studies, and hopes to become Korea’s next top model. In his spare time, Jae Yeon likes to play sports, especially baseball, and keep fit by weight training and practicing Tae Kwon Do.

More Facts On Jae
- Current Occupation – Student
- Jae Yeon plays the trombone!
- Favourite Music – K-Pop
- Favourite Meal – Bi-Bim-Bob
- Won the award 'Odyssey of Mind', 1st Place 2008


Age: 25
Height: 190
Languages: Latvian, Russian, English

Ivans hails from Lasika, a small city on the Western border of Latvia. Currently working for a logistics company, Ivans has aspirations of a career as an actor, an industry he has had some experience with in the past. A competent dancer, Ivans is skilled at Waltz, Modern and Samba dancing. In his spare time he enjoys playing football, basketball, volleyball and keeping fit. He likes to listen to a variety of music, and all kinds of food. Ivans would like to travel the world visiting as many cultures as possible.

More Facts on Ivans
- Current Occupation – Transport Manager @ Logistics Company
- Appeared in several Adverts in Sweden & Norway.
- Personal Motto – “Do not think, realise your dreams.”


Age: 28
Height: 185
Languages: Arabic, English

A Graphic Design graduate, Ayman describes himself as “a visual person” and a lover of beauty. Currently running his own design firm, he has kept art and beauty at the centre of his life, both professionally and at his leisure. In his spare time Ayman likes to paint, keep fit at the gym, and listen to a variety of music, from classical to hip hop. He is a big fan of Lebanese food, and hopes to represent his country in the best possible way. His proudest moment was graduating and being awarded a prize for the best final year project in his year.

More Facts on Ayman
- Current Occupation – Art Director
- Was born in Egypt, but grew up in Lebanon.
- Enjoys a good English breakfast!
- Studied at the Lebanese American University.
- Personal Motto – "No Pain No Gain"


Age: 22
Height: 185
Languages: Maltese, English, Italian

Bjorn is a Chauffeur from the island of Malta, a country he says has a “beautiful culture, unique history, and hot weather.” Living with his loving family, he describes himself as “a motivator, and a person who does not give up.” In the near future, Bjorn hopes to study nutrition and train to become a fitness instructor. He has a passion for fitness, enjoying going to the gym, bodybuilding and CrossFit. In his spare time Bjorn likes to listen to hip hop music and he has an interest in modern fashion.

More Facts on Bjorn
- Current Occupation – Chauffeur Service
- Favourite Food – Rabbit
- Bjorn has two pet dogs
- Personal Motto – “You only live once.”


Age: 23
Height: 186
Languages: Spanish, English

Born in Mexico City, Jose moved to Cancun 10 years ago. Currently working as an actor, Jose has appeared on shows on the Televisa network, and has aspirations of establishing himself as a successful and renowned actor. As well as acting, Jose likes to be behind the camera, and is a keen film maker and photographer. In his spare time, Jose likes to play American football and boxing and to keep fit by swimming and weight lifting. His favourite food is enchiladas, and he likes to listen to instrumental and classic music, and read non-fiction books.

More Facts on Jose
- Current Occupation – Television Actor
- Jose likes to collect Antique and vintage objects.
- Jose has a commercial pilot’s license.
- Most unusual job – Working as Rocky in a Rock Horror Show Production.
- He has a pet cat called Begoña.

Valeriu GUTU

Age: 22
Height: 184
Languages: Romanian, English, Russian, Spanish

Currently modelling for a variety of brands, 22 year old Valeriu studied Civil Law at university, and has also worked as a life and fitness coach. Describing himself as “motivated and hard working” Valeriu loves to travel and play sports, especially football. He also likes to dance, skilled at RnB, Jazz and Modern techniques. When it comes to food, Valeriu loves to cook, preferring to make seafood dishes more than anything else. He says that his aspirations are to become a successful businessman in the future.

More Facts on Valeriu
- Current Occupation – Fashion Model
- Favourite Book – Metamorphosis by Frantz Kafka
- Saved a child’s life when he was working as a life guard.


Age: 23
Height: 180
Languages: Dutch, English, German, French

Demian was born and raised in Venlo, in the south of the Netherlands. Currently Biology student, he is majoring in Ecology & Biodiversity. Demian has always had animals in his life, (at one point living with 17 pets!) and his aspirations are to work with nature, hopefully in a role on television. In his spare time he likes to be outdoors, playing tennis, skateboarding, gymnastics and Kung Fu. He has been a dance choreographer for 7 years, appearing on a variety of television shows and working for many companies including Nike and the X-Factor. He also loves music from all eras, and likes to play the guitar.

More Facts on Demian
- Current Occupation – Student, Biology: Waeningen University and Research Centre
- Aside from his Salamanders, Demian has 2 pet owls, including Japie a Boreal Owl
- Favourite Song – 'Stairway to Heaven' by Led Zeppelin
- Favourite Book – Demian by Herman Hesse
- Personal Motto – “Never Stop Learning!”

Ikubese Emmanuel IKUBESE

Age: 25
Height: 188
Languages: English, Swahili

Emmanuel is an actor from Lagos, Nigeria. His biggest role was staring as Femi in the award winning MTV series Shuga. Describing himself as “a philanthropic person whose ambitions are supported by my go-getter attitude” he aspires to use his success to start his own foundation for orphans and abandoned kids. Aside from his acting career, Emmanuel likes to play soccer and basketball, to cook, and to play the Konga drums. He says he hopes to become the greatest entertainer to come out of Africa.

More Facts on Emmanuel
- Current Occupation – Actor & TV Host
- Favourite Dish – Hometown delicacy called ‘starch and owo soup’
- Would love to learn how to play the piano, and fish.
- Favourite book - The 80/20 principle by Richard Koch
- Studied International Relations at University in Kenya.

Dwayne Andrew KERR

Age: 21
Height: 183
Languages: English

Born in Jamaica, Raised just outside Belfast, Dwayne is an aspiring videographer currently working as a Digital Media Assistant. Describing himself as “outgoing, energetic and always up for a laugh”, Dwayne is a multi-talented man, competent at playing the guitar, drums and piano. He is a keen footballer and enjoys working on media projects. Dwayne enjoys listening to acoustic and pop rock music. He hopes to continue his studies to achieve his goal breaking into the film editing industry.

More Facts on Dwayne
- Current Occupation – Digital Media Assistant
- Favourite Book – The Hunger Games Trilogy.
- Favourite Food – Chicken Chow Mein
- Favourite Artists – Maroon 5 & Ed Sheeran
- Motto – Believe and Achieve


Age: 20
Height: 193
Languages: Spanish, English

20 year old Joaquin was born in Luque, but now lives in Asuncion, Paraguay’s capital city. Currently an Environmental Engineering student, Joaquin wants to have a career in the industry, as he feels it is a profession that will become more important in the future. Describing himself as “a very competitive person” Joaquin likes to play lots of sports, including basketball, table tennis, volleyball and football. His hobbies include bird watching, eco-tourism and learning about physics. Aside from his studies, Joaquin enjoys working as an advertisement model.

More Facts on Joaquin
- Current Occupation – Student – Environmental Engineering
- Favourite Food – Paraguayan Soup – The World’s only solid soup!
- Favourite books - ‘Grand Design’ by Stephen Hawkings and “Don Quijote de la Mancha” by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.
- Favourite Music Genre - Jazz
- Personal Motto – “He who has patience can have what he wills.”


Age: 22
Height: 182
Languages: Spanish, English

Diego traveled about whilst growing up before returning to his birth town of Lima where he currently studies at the ‘Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola’. A fan of sports, Diego enjoys playing soccer, going to the gym and running. Describing himself as “very positive (and) always trying to improve,” he has ambitions of completing his studies and setting up his own business. In his spare time he enjoys listening to a variety of music, from jazz to electro, and he has a pet dog called Bella.

More Facts on Diego
- Current Occupation – International Business Student @ USIL
- Diego spent two years living in Washington when he was younger.
- His favourite dish is Lomo Saltado.
- Personal motto “Luck doesn’t exist. It’s a combination of tools that you reach by working hard and getting experience to be able to see the opportunities that arrives you.”


Age: 26
Height: 185
Languages: English

26 year old John was born in South Carolina, USA, growing up in Manila, Philippines. Describing himself as “Disciplined, hardworking and dedicated” John is a former Marine Corp Scout Sniper. Since finishing his service, he has worked as a fashion model, and is looking for new opportunities and adventures to pursue. In his spare time he likes to be in the outdoors, going camping, snowboarding and hiking. He is also a scuba diver and likes to play video games.

More Facts on John
- Current Occupation – Fashion Model
- John has two older brothers, with one working as a model in Thailand.
- When it comes to pop culture, John is a fan of all genres and styles.
- Personal Motto – “Find something that makes you happy”


Age: 24
Height: 187
Languages: Polish, English

24 year old Michal is a student of Lazarski University, where he is studying for a Masters’ in International Relations. Since a very young age he has been a dancer and is currently part of ‘Volt’, a dance group choreographed by world famous dancer Agustin Egurrola. He has performed in front of large audiences, on major television productions and even for royalty! One of his biggest passions in life is fast cars, and he hopes to open a network of premium car garages in the future. In his spare time he enjoys watching action movies, keeping fit, and trying cuisines from around the world.

More Facts on Michal
- Current Occupation – Dancer, Student, Club Guest Manager
- Performed for the UK’s Prince Charles in Poland on a state visit!
- Has two pet dogs, Bella and Nana
- Personal Motto – “Dream Big, Think Sharp”
- Is a big fan of street art


Age: 24
Height: 178
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish

Born in Lisbon, 24 year old Ricardo is a mechanical engineer. A fitness fanatic, Ricardo is also a certified personal trainer and gym instructor, a role he filled whilst at University. As well as the gym, he enjoys a variety of sports, travelling, and going to the cinema. Keen on eating well, Ricardo especially likes to cook recipes involving Cod to compliment his healthy living style. Musically speaking, Ricardo enjoys listening to Kizomba, a popular genre of dance music originating from Angola.

More Facts on Ricardo
- Current Occupation – Mechanical Engineer
- Favourite Author – American Novelist Nicholas Sparks.
- Personal Motto - “a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there”


Age: 19
Height: 185
Languages: Spanish, English, Basic Italian

Alberto was born and raised on the island of Puerto Rico. Currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, he has aspirations of putting his hard work to good use in the future, and wants to become a mechanical engineer. He has a passion for surfing, and he holds a black belt 2nd Dan in Tae Kwon Do. In his spare time he likes to go scuba diving, play chess, and keep fit. He is a good dancer, especially enjoying Salsa, Bachata and Meringue disciplines. Alberto also worked as an extra in the forthcoming comedy movie 22 Jump Street!

More Facts on Alberto
- Current Occupation – Student, Mechanical Engineering
- Favourite Book – The City of Beasts by Isabel Allende
- Favourite Dish Milanesa Napolitan style with French fries
- Has a pet dog, a Dogo Argentino called Titan.
- Favourite Music – House & Electro


Age: 22
Height: 186
Languages: Romanian, English, Basic German

Bogdan is currently a student, born and raised in Suceava. He says that Suceava is a town which has kept to Romanian traditions throughout the ages, and is a shining example of the best of Romania. After university, he hopes to start his own agricultural business, raising horse and buffalo. Bogdan’s other ambition is to travel around the world and see all it has to offer. In his spare time he likes to keep fit, go hiking, watch movies and play sports. Some of his favourite music artists are Ray Charles, Tom Jones and Dean Martin. His personal motto is “Impossible is nothing.”

More Facts on Bogdan
- Current Occupation – Student: MA, Tourism & Services.
- Was presented an award by royalty, Prince Paul & Princess Lia of Romania.
- Favourite Music – Pop Rock
- Favourite Foods – seafood, turkey, Chinese cuisine


Age: 24
Height: 195
Languages: Russian, English, Basic German

Mails is a fashion and fitness model living in Moscow. Describing himself as “kind, sympathetic and purposeful”, Mails has ambitions of furthering his career and hopes to be a good role model in the future, and is particularly proud of featuring in an issue of Men’s Health. In his spare time he likes to go to the gym as much as possible and keep himself fit and active. Mails likes to listen to all kinds of music, but especially likes hip hop.

More Facts on Mails
- Current Occupation – Fashion Model
- Favourite Food – Chicken and Broccoli
- Favourite Author – Hank Moody
- Personal Motto - “It is important not to give up and succeed”

Matthew Cole FINCHAM

Age: 27
Height: 184
Languages: English, Afrikaans

Matthew is a personal trainer, born and raised in Centurion, Pretoria. He says his job is very fulfilling, and loves having such a positive impact on his client’s lives. He hopes to open his own gym franchise in the future, and to use his abilities and resources to start sports programmes to benefit more disadvantaged people within the community. In his spare time, Matthew likes to play golf, hockey and football, and his music tastes cover house, jazz and gospel rock. He is also a musician able to play the trumpet, and is currently learning the guitar.

More Facts on South Africa
- Current Occupation – Personal Trainer
- Qualified for the SA Big Drive Team in 2013 (Big Drive Golfing)
- Favourite Foods – Steak & Pizza
- Favourite Book – Final Quest by Rick Joyner
- Personal Motto – “Live for a purpose greater than yourself”

Jose Ignacio ROS

Age: 27
Height: 184
Languages: Spanish, English

Jose is an Industrial Engineering student living in Madrid. His ‘Dream Move’ is to one day relocate to Massachusetts, USA, to work in the exciting field of robotics. Born and raised in Madrid, he describes himself as “an empathetic and responsible person” with a passion for sports, fitness and travelling. In his spare time he likes to watch films, read books and practice martial arts. Jose has also worked in the world of fashion, helping to launch the Spanish national football team’s new kit ahead of the Confederations Cup, and working on an advertising campaign with a tigress!

More Facts on Jose
- Current Occupation – Student: Industrial Engineering
- Jose came 3rd in the Madrid Judo Championships when he was 16.
- Jose has a pet dog called Thor.
- Favourite Foods – Pasta & BBQ’s
- Personal Motto - “Take your time to do things but do them and do not waste your opportunities”


Age: 21
Height: 183
Languages: Italian, French, German, Romansh

21 year old Bruno is a medical student with aspirations of becoming a healthcare assistant after he finishes his course. Born in Sorengo, he now lives with his mother and younger brother in the peaceful countryside of Gravesano. Describing himself as a “nice and cheerful person”, he enjoys practicing Judo, taking walks in the countryside and meditating. Musically, Bruno likes all kinds of genres and he likes to read books on martial arts, and the concept of Zen.

More Facts on Bruno
- Current Occupation – Student
- Bruno has a pet dog.
- Favourite Dish – Pasta Alla Norcina (Pasta with sausage and cream)
- Personal Motto - “If I persist and resist, I reach and conquer.”

Efekan AKAL

Age: 22
Height: 193
Languages: Turkish, English

“Ambitious, fast and music addicted.” This is how Turkey’s Efekan Akal describes himself. Currently studying English Language & Literature at Kocaeli University, Efekan was born in Ankara before growing up in Mersin. A fan of rock music, he lists Placebo and Arctic Monkeys as some of his favourite bands. Efekan likes to keep himself fit, enjoying a variety of sports including basketball, football and swimming.

More Facts on Ricardo
- Current Occupation – Student, English Language & Literature.
- Favourite food – Rice & Chicken.
- Favourite book – "Veronica wants to die"
- Worked as a computer technician when at high school.
- Personal Motto – “Live Fast, Die Young”.


Age: 25
Height: 184
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Intermediate English

Born in Kiev, aspiring actor Bogdan says his life’s ambition is to win an Oscar. After finishing his university education, Bogdan has been working as a film and theatre actor, and hopes to achieve his life goals by transferring his skills to Hollywood and major European films. Aside from acting, Bogdan is a great Greco-Roman wrestler, and is a competent musician, playing the guitar, piano and the bandura. His favourite foods include seafood, Chinese and his mothers Borsch, and he likes to read biographies of famous people in his spare time.

More Facts on Bogdan
- Current occupation – Actor
- His father was a champion Greco-Roman wrestler
- Favourite Film – The Godfather
- Favourite Book – 99 Francs
- Personal Motto – “In pursuit of a dream, do not miss the point.”
- Bogdan is a trained horse rider.

Jesus Antonio CASANOVA

Age: 25
Height: 0

Jesus was born in Sabaneta, before growing up in Barinas, Western Venezuela. Currently a professional swimmer, Jesus hopes to be going to the next Olympics with the Venezuelan team. In his spare time Jesus likes to read, he plays the flute, and he likes to play sports. When it comes to music, Jesus likes to listen to folkloric music, and he is a fan of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Rigoletto. His aspirations are to create a swim school for the challenged, and to become the president of Venezuela!

More Facts on Jesus
- Current Occupation – Professional Swimmer
- Favourite Food - Pabellón criollo
- Favourite Book - ‘Santa Evita’ By Tomás Eloy Martínez
- Jesus is a skilled horse rider
- Personal Motto – “Today is the first day of the rest of my life, I’m going to enjoy it like it’s the last.”


Michael-Rae FORMSTON

Age: 27
Height: 185
Languages: Welsh, English

Michael is a personal trainer and fitness consultant currently living in Bristol, England. Born in Carmarthen, Michael was raised on a small farm before moving to Bristol to start his personal training business. Describing himself as “a laid back, positive person” Michael has aspirations of seeing more of the world, broadening his knowledge of fitness and health, and maybe starting a property business with his brother in his later years. Aside from work, Michael trains in boxing, kickboxing and MMA, he likes to watch films and he is interested in animal conservation.

- Current Occupation – Personal Trainer
- Favourite Food – Fruit with peanut butter
- Michael likes to read inspirational autobiographies.
- Has one rather spoilt pet Siamese cat.
- “Expect nothing, embrace everything, and smile because you don’t own all the problems in the world.”


Age: 25
Height: 180
Languages: Sinhala, English, Tamil

Born and raised in the South East of Sri Lanka in the city of Batticaloa, Angelo is a Computer Engineering graduate currently working in the computer industry. With ambitions of breaking out and making it big as a technology entrepreneur, Angelo says he has always been fascinated with science and technology, and is an avid reader of books and magazines on the subject. Aside from science, Angelo enjoys kickboxing, motor biking, and drawing. His favourite cuisine is traditional Sri Lankan curries and his proudest memory is the day he graduated from Sri Lanka’s most renowned University.

More Facts on Sri Lanka
- Current Occupation – Senior Software Engineer.
- Personal Motto – It takes hard work and dedication to reach your goal, it takes intelligence to reach it sooner.
- Ranked 19th nationally in the GCE A/L Examination tables at high school.
- Favourite Authors – Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkin, Charles Darwin.

Bonelelwe Khulekani MAKHANYA

Age: 21
Height: 180
Languages: SiSwati, English, French

Bonelelwe is a scholar, born and raised in Mbabane, Swaziland. Describing himself as “energetic and charismatic”, he likes to play basketball, make music, and DJ. He says his family are very musical, with his mother, sister and brother all singers, whilst his father introduced him to drums. His ambition is to become a pilot after his studies, although he has also worked as a journalist at the Swazi Times. In his spare time he likes to read books, and his musical tastes vary from jazz to hip hop and house.

More Facts on Bonelelwe
- Current Occupation – Student
- Favourite Music – Deep House
- He has 3 pet cats.
- Favourite food – Traditional Swazi cuisine
- Personal Motto – “Be who you want to be and believe in your dreams.”

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