MOVIE REVIEW: Maybe This Time

Sarah Geronimo and Coco Martin are paired for the first time in the romantic movie "Maybe This Time."

Steph Asuncion (Geronimo) and Tonio Bugayong (Martin) were once deeply in love. Back then, Steph was a young girl spending her summer in a sleepy coastal village for community service while Tonio made furniture out of driftwood while working on his dream of becoming a seaman. Charmed by the English tutor, he pursues her incessantly, only to leave without saying goodbye when she has finally fallen for him.

Seven years later Steph, who is now working in public relations, is assigned by her domineering lady boss Monica (Ruffa Gutierrez) to prepare her unsophisticated but rich beau for high society. Steph’s world is rocked anew when she discovers her new client is Tonio himself.

There is nothing new. It follows a formula with two destined lovers pulled away. The elements of dreams, personal gratification and emotional needs are there. An ordinary story with plot taken from different stories in the silver screen.

Geronimo's portrayal of Steph is just about as delightful as her portrayal of other similar roles as if you are watching "It Takes a Man and a Woman." That's the minus points. Still, Geronimo maintains her charm. Thanks to the 'confrontation' scene, Geronimo was able to show her stronger and level up acting.

Martin is funny but he has a difficult time transitioning from serious role.

Gutierrez and Ogie Diaz' roles saved the audience from boredom.

This film is not the best. Nothing new. No surprises. Ordinary.


Directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng

Studio: Star Cinema; Viva Films

Supporting cast: Dennis Padilla, Buboy Garovillo, Sharmaine Buencamino, Tony Mabesa, Marlann Flores, Zeppi Borromeo, Alex Castro, Minnie Aguilar, Kathleen Hermosa, Garlic Garcia, Cecil Paz, Devon Seron

Studio: Star Cinema; Viva Films

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