Transacting with Nuffnang Philippines

February 11, 2014 when I decided to request for payment from Nuffnang Philippines. I haven't receive any confirmation. I waited two months from the end of the month of my request. Still, I haven't receive any information as to when payment will be made.

I visited blogs with the same issue and read some queries regarding the issue. I understand the company's situation. I did not demand for immediate payment.

May 14 when I started sending several tickets. Yes, the staff replied:

Thanks for your ticket! We already send the ticket to our accounting team. Please expect a reply from them. Thanks!

Different tickets, same answers.

May 30, I sent a ticket asking them to deposit it until June 6 otherwise I will write a review on the company services and take legal actions against Nuffnang Philippines for the violation of contract stipulated. The staff replied:

Thanks for your ticket! Your cheque will be deposited this week. Do let us know if you have not received it. The accounting team already sent you an email regarding the cashout.

June 10, they deposited my earnings through my account.

I understand that the company has only few people to respond to the needs of their members and partners. But this is not an excuse.

In order to become a successful organization, the company must take care of its customers. It must attract and hire people who would be most successful in the organization. There must be a discipline, strategy and a 100% acceptance of results and an action to make necessary changes to accomplish the desired results.

I am hoping for the company's improvement and its management's reorganization, if possible.

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