WATCH: Mink 3D printer lets you create your own custom-colored makeup

Harvard Business School's Grace Choi introduced a 3D printer that lets you print out makeup in any color you fancy in the 2014 Tech Crunch Disrupt in New York.
In its official website, Mink, Inc. said that the new invention "can take any image and instantly transform it into a wearable color cosmetic, turning any camera, phone or laptop into an endless beauty aisle."
The Mink 3D printer uses the same FDA-approved substrates and ingredients used by popular makeup brands. To print color-specific makeup, a user just needs to pick a color, be it from an image found online, a photo they've clicked, or a color they've selected in image editing software like Paint or Photoshop.
Choi is targeting the product at what she believes is the tech savvy demographic of 13 to 21-year-olds, who not yet developed loyalties to particular cosmetic brands.  

Choi showed how simple the process was in a live demo. It took less than 40 seconds to print a pink eyeshadow.

It will retail for about $300 in the US. 

Choi hopes to launch Mink on the market later this year.

How can a normal inkjet pigment safe for the skin? How will a mini invention print a variety of products with different texture?

Asked about her product by the event host, Choi explained:

"Big makeup companies take the pigment and the substrates and mix them together and then jack the price. We do the same thing and let you get the makeup right in your own house. The inkjet handles the pigment, and the same raw material substrates can create any type of makeup, from powders to cream to lipstick. Implementing this ability on the Mink is not hard to do, it’s actually more of a business decision."

Are you willing to invest in your own 3D makeup printer to save money?

FINAL WORDS: Companies invest billions in research to make good and safe products. That explains why branded cosmetics are expensive.

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