Nurse seals baby’s mouth with a tape

A Facebook post of a father about his seven-day old baby whose lips were sealed with a tape while in a nursery at a private hospital in Cebu City stirred the social media Friday, May 10.

Ryan Noval and Jasmine Badocdoc were shocked to see the mouth of their newborn child taped inside a maternity hospital. 
Noval posted on Facebook:
My son cannot speak about this horrific experience from the attending nurse's hands so we have to speak out for him. Was there just NO TIME to check that? Do you just put tape over a baby’s mouth just because he’s too noisy? Did you take time to inspect and do your job properly? ARE YOU RESPECTABLE???

He said they saw what was done to their child when they visited the nursery at around 8 p.m. Thursday. When they asked the nurse on duty, the nurse reportedly replied that the baby was crying non-stop and became too noisy.

“I feel raped as a parent,” said Noval in an interview Sunday.

When his wife asked the nurse to remove the tape, the nurse reportedly replied simply, “You can go ahead and take it off yourself, Ma’am.”

The Department of Health (DOH) Central Visayas is set to conduct an investigation on the hospital.

The post drew a slew of comments from Facebook users.

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