Singapore Tourism Board takes down promo video after online criticism; blames Philippine network ABS-CBN

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) video, which went viral for its substandard quality, was taken down less than two weeks after it was uploaded on March 26.

Entitled “Singapore. See where the world is heading,” the three-minute video, was removed from STB’s YouTube channel on Monday, April 7, after community news and lifestyle website Mothership.SG wrote about it in a post headlined “This STB video is so bad it will go viral”.

In a bid to distance itself from the video, STB said that the video was produced for the Philippines by Philippine network, ABS-CBN.

The video features a couple visiting various landmarks and tourist sites in Singapore. 
STB released a statement on Tuesday, saying that the video was not resonating well with audience.
STB defended itself by saying that the video received a good response from the Philippine market:
When shared on STB’s Facebook page for the Philippines, the video attracted over 3,400 likes in the first week and garnered some 900 comments, largely positive.      
Nevertheless, we thank readers for their feedback on the video and acknowledge that some aspects of it could have been done better. We would also like to invite the public to share their ideas on how we can continue to showcase the Singapore we love to the rest of the world.

Oliver Chong, Executive Director of STB Communications and Industry Marketing said: 
“We often share our marketing videos on the STB YouTube channel. At the end of its TV run in the Philippines, we decided to also share this particular video on YouTube. We subsequently removed it as it was not resonating well with audiences.”

In recent years, ABS-CBN-produced promos, videos and station IDs have become big hits among Filipinos during the summer and holiday seasons.

It is the leading television network in the country.

Production is not the problem. It's the concept, the culture and the audience or maybe the quality and standard Filipinos have.

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