Raffy Parcon claims Bench used his artwork for shirt design without permission

A blogger has accused local clothing brand Bench of copying one of his artworks for one of the company's T-shirt designs.

In his Facebook page, Raffy Parcon complained about Bench using an artwork he and three other artists created for a personal photography project, saying the company is 'making money out of it' without their permission.
“Thank you Bench/ lifestyle + clothing for using our artwork without permission, and for making money out of a stolen image.

“So it appears that Bench/ lifestyle + clothing is using our artwork and making money out of it without our permission. There were four of us involved in this photography project. None of us heard from Bench to ask permission to use the artwork. I hope that posting this would prompt Bench to provide a proper explanation.”
To prove his allegation, he posted pictures of the product in question together with links to the original project.
A day after, Bench posted a comment on Parcon's photo saying they were surprised at the incident and that the shirts in question have been pulled out from their stores.

Dear Mr. Parcon,      
We are equally surprised at this incident. BENCH/ does not tolerate these type of actions. Rest assured that we are on top of this matter and as of this morning, stocks of the shirts have been pulled-out from the selling area.      
We will get in touch with you shortly to settle this issue. Our apologies.

Parcon’s image featuring a hand drawn cuckoo alarm clock originally uploaded on July 11, 2011 bears striking resemblance to the one used in one of Bench’s t-shirt designs.

The original work is part of a collection inspired by a Belgian multidisciplinary artist named Ben Heine and his work called Pencil Vs Camera on the same year.

The shirt is being sold in Bench stores for almost P400.

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