Philippines sets world record for 'largest flaming image using candles'

Photo by Tara Yap/AFP

Hundreds of people lined up in a dark, muddy field to form a giant map of the Philippines on Monday, April 14, in a bid to set a new world record for the largest flaming image using candles.

Not even rainy weather stopped residents from lighting nearly 57,000 torches to form the image.

The project by the Middle Way Meditation Institute in the central island of Panay was a success with Seyda Subasi-Gemici, a representative from Guinness World Records, saying that their 56,680 candles appeared to have topped the old record of 35,478 candles forming a company logo in Pakistan in December 2009.

An aerial camera showed the image of the Philippine map formed by the lighted candles.

The candle-lit map, along with a logo of the organizer and the motto “world peace through inner peace” came twinkling into formation despite heavy rain before the event discouraging many volunteers from taking part.

Earlier, a report on Iloilo-based The Daily Guardian said the participants were to form an image of the Philippine map for five seconds.

The candle map was intended “to promote inner peace, which is through meditation, so conflicts and misunderstanding will be reduced,” said Nguyen Ha, a publicist for the organizers.

Also, the participants were to hold a memorial activity for the victims of super Typhoon Yolanda, and a 30-minute meditation to promote inner peace and world peace. 

Image from Facebok

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