#PacquiaoBradley2 REPLAY: Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley The Rematch (Full Fight)

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Manny Pacquiao beats Timothy Bradley, regains WBO welterweight title

Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao avenged his defeat to Timothy Bradley by outpointing the erstwhile unbeaten American in their rematch at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, April 12 (Sunday in Manila).

Two judges scored it 116-112 for Pacquiao, while the third had it wider at 118-110. There were no knockdowns but Pacquiao (54-5-2, 38 knockouts) turned the clock back with his vicious demeanor, pounding Bradley (31-1, 12 KOs) around the ring during the second half of the fight to pull away on the scorecards.

With the victory, Pacquiao reclaimed the WBO welterweight crown which Bradley snatched by way of a controversial split decision in June 2012.

Pacquiao began the fireworks in round 2, stunning Bradley with a left cross. Bradley returned the favor in round 4, hurting Pacquiao with a right hand.

The two traded momentum until the seventh round, when Pacquiao stunned Bradley badly and sent him into the ropes, where the 35-year-old from General Santos City hammered him mercilessly.

Bradley, 30, survived but was never again a threat, spending most of the fight in full retreat, trying to make it to the final bell.

The fighting congressman is elated by his win and is looking forward to a possible rematch against his Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez or a superfight with controversial boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Jessica Sanchez sang the Philippine national anthem ahead of the much-anticipated rematch of Pacquiao and Bradley.

Sanchez, who is half-Filipino and half-Mexican but was born and raised in the United States, sang “Lupang Hinirang” the traditional way before a huge crowd of boxing fans from around the world who came to watch the fight.

Sanchez was wearing a long red gown created by Kenneth Barlis.

Last November, Pacquiao again asked Sanchez to sing the Philippine national anthem in his match against Brandon Rios.

American singer Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas sang the American national anthem.

Pacquiao vs Bradley II : Round by Round updates

1 Round 1 starts with both fighters pumping their jab. Pacquiao blocks a Bradley uppercut. Pacquiao trying to get his jab through Bradley's guard. Pacquiao's punches landing on Bradley's arms. Good exchange at the 45-second mark. Bradley gets Pacquiao against the ropes and lands a couple of punches. 

2 Bradley with a right hand and then a combo to start the second. Bradley using his jab, evades a Pacquiao right. Pacquiao lands a huge punch, Bradley nearly stumbles against the ropes.Pacquiao on the attack, Bradley clinches. Bradley gets Pacquiao against the corner, but Pacquiao brings the fight back in the middle of the ring. Bradley with a right hand straight to Pacquiao's face. Pacquiao evades a follow up punch. 

3 Bradley jabbing to start the third, but Pacquiao lands a combination. Bradley now circling away from Pacquiao. Pac lands a left hand, lands a combo and evades Bradley. Bradley tries for body shots. Bradley lands a body shot of his own, Pac keeping him away, then evades a punch. Bradley with an uppercut. 

4 Bradley attacks to start the fourth round. They clinch in the middle of the ring. Bradley attacks again. Pacquiao showing he can take Bradley's punches. Bradley jabbing away. Pacquiao looking for an opening. Bradley catches Pacquiao with a straight while the Pacman was backing up. Pacquiao counters with body shots. Pacquiao blocks Bradley's punches. Bradley connects on a right.  

5 Bradley aggressive to start Round 5. Pacquiao catches him with a straight left, then Bradley evades a combo. Pacquiao looking for an opening. Bradley absorbs punches on his shoulders. He gets Pacquiao on the ropes but Pacquiao quickly gets out of trouble. Trainer Joel Diaz tells Bradley to keep up the pressure. Pacquiao on the defensive for most of the round.  

6 Bradley again goes on the attack. He's the busier fighter so far. Pacquiao finally unloads and lands a good shot, but Bradley takes it well. Pacquiao lands a couple of shots on Bradley's head. Pace has slowed down in round 6. Pacquiao backing Bradley up against the ropes, Pacquiao unloads on Bradley. 

7 Bradley going for body shots again. Pacquiao with his hands up. Bradley jabbing. Bradley tries for a right, is blocked. Pacquiao landing more in this round, but Bradley moving his head well to avoid damage. Bradley misses with an uppercut. Pacquiao gets Bradley against the ropes and unloads. Bradley clinches. Bradley still against the ropes. Pacquiao attacking. Bradley asks for more.  

8 Both fighters jabbing to start the round. Pacquiao looking to get Bradley against the ropes again. Bradley's knees buckle again. Bradley showboating a bit. Pacquiao with a straight right. Bradley misses a huge overhand right, showboats again.  

9 Bradley connects on a couple of punches to start the round. Pacquiao shakes it off. Bradley against the ropes, Pacquiao unloads. Bradley clinches again. Pacquiao more aggressive now. Bradley not moving as well. Pacquiao unloading with Bradley against the ropes. Pacquiao controlling the pace now. Bradley trying to jab. Pacquiao with consecutive right hands.

10  Bradley comes out aggressively, attacks Pacquiao with body punches. Pacquiao counters with his right hand. Pacquiao blocking Bradley's punches. Pacquiao with a straight left, then a combination. Pacquiao with another left. Pacquiao's left hand was on target in the 10th round.

11 Bradley not moving very well, but he sneaks a right hand that connects. Pacquiao pushes Bradley against the ropes, and Bradley clinches. Pacquiao stalking Bradley now. Bradley trying to keep Pacquiao away with his jab. Pacquiao with a straight right. Bradley just moving away from Pacquiao at this point. Pacquiao just blocking Bradley's punches.

12 Good exchange in the middle of the ring, but Pacquiao landing more punches. Bradley against the ropes and Pacquiao unloads. Bradley gets out of trouble, then Pacquiao lands a straight left. Bradley against the ropes again, fighters get tied up. Bradley letting his hands go. Pacquiao briefly caught against the ropes, gets out of trouble quickly. Time is called. Pacquiao is cut above the eye but they let it go. Bradley unloaded punches in the final ten seconds, but Pacquiao escapes trouble. Bell rings.

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