Carla Abellana confirms break-up with Geoff Eigenmann

Carla Abellana has finally admitted that she and longtime boyfriend Geoff Eigenmann have already broken up. Before she admitted this, the actress said it was hard for her to say it on national television.

In a live interview on Startalk Sunday, April 13, Abellana broke her silence after weeks of speculation that she and the second son of actress Gina Alajar and Michael de Mesa have called it quits.

“Hindi naman kami puwede magsinungaling, so you know, almost four years din ang relationship namin ni Geoff. I remember I was even the first one na nagsabi ‘yes Geoff and I are together.’ So it’s right I believe na ako na rin ang magsabi that we are no longer together.”

As for the reasons, Abellana said she hopes she can pinpoint to one particular reason. But there are so many reasons--small things that led to the breakup, she added.

“We are two different people and we are too different. There’s just so many reasons. We don’t share the same values… It was the small things that contributed to just one big thing... We clashed more than we got along, so there are many reasons.”

She also dismissed rumors that a third party contributed to their break-up, saying that both of them tried their best to make the relationship work.

When asked if there is chance for her and Eigenmann to get back together, Abellana said:

“We’ll see, only God knows.”

The hardest part in breaking up with Eigenmann is she also has to break up with his family--the Eigenmanns, particularly Alajar and de Mesa.

"Pakiramdam ko I’m part of the Eigenmann family so it was extremely difficult, not just to make a decision, pero to break it to them na rin."

In the end, the My Husband’s Lover star thanked her ex-boyfriend.

“Thank you, super thank you talaga for teaching me so much. Thank you for making me a tougher person. I am stronger now, I am tougher now. I was pushed to the limits… So thank you so much for taking care of me, for loving me… I really do sincerely hope and pray na maging okay ang lahat sa atin hindi man as a couple but as individuals.”

The two were first paired in the local adaptation of Rosalinda, where Abellana played the title role and Eigenmann was her leading man, playing Fernando Jose. Other shows such as The Last Prince and Magic Palayok followed.

Prior to Geoff, Carla was previously in a relationship with basketball star JC Intal, who is now engaged to TV host Bianca Gonzalez.

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