Accused in Vhong Navarro case to testify against Cedric Lee, others

Tony Calvento, a respectable print and broadcast journalist, revealed Sunday, April 20, a 'big breaking news' on Vhong Navarro case againts Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee and his group as he called it as an Easter gift to all supporters of the mauled comedian.

In his Facebook page, Calvento revealed he met with someone who claimed to have a connection with one of the accused in the Navarro mauling case who wants to surrender and to turn state witness.

According to Calvento, the latest development could very well be the 'tipping point' on Vhong's case.

"I met with someone who was trying to facilitate the surrender and turning as State Witness of someone from the accused on the Vhong Navarro case."

The veteran journalist claimed his meeting with the person who was trying to facilitate the suspect’s surrender has the ‘go signal’ of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima. He said De Lima knows all the details of the meeting and is now processing and evaluating the information given by the person.

"He even made me talk to the suspect on the phone and this person with a deep voice kept on crying and asked me to help him. He asked me to help give him protection. He was very scared of Cedric Lee and I said that Sec. Leila Delima can assign NBI agents to do guard him."

The print and broadcast journalist also revealed that what happened to Navarro was a set up contrary to Lee's claim that the actor was caught raping Cornejo on the evening of January 22.

"The testimony is explosive. The details where, what time and when the planning of the setting up of Vhong Navarro was given to me. The place where they had dinner was also revealed."

Calvento said, the suspect even revealed to him the identity of the ‘John Doe’ who was seen through the CCTV with Zimmer Raz and Bernice Lee inside the elevator. The ‘John Doe,’ according to the suspect, was holding a roll of duct tape.

Calvento also revealed: 
"If things go well the person even added that one of the accused who had managed to slip out of the country is willing to come back and turn the tables on Cedric and the others."

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