Samsung debuts leather-clad Chromebook 2 with full HD screen

Samsung on Monday, February 3, launched the Chromebook 2, a Chromebook noteworthy for its use of a powerful ARM processor.

The Chromebook 2 line consists of an 11.6-inch and a 13.3-inch model. To fill in that bigger screen real estate, the 13.3-inch version also has full HD resolution.

Both versions have a new look, which Samsung describes as "a durable textured lid and elegant stitched design." That basically means they have a faux leather outer finish with a soft-touch feel and "stitches" molded into the outer edge.

Both models are more expensive than the current version of the Chromebook which is priced at $249.
Other than the slightly larger size and battery life of the larger model, all the other specs are the same: 4 GB of DDR3  memory, 16 GB of embedded flash storage (with 100 GB of Google Drive storage on top of that); and a 720p Webcam.

The $399.99, 13.3-inch model is one of the most high-end Chromebook models yet, at least on paper. The 3.09-pound body has the Samsung's latest Exynos 5 Octa processor. The processor is hardly the most powerful chip available to Samsung.

For $319.99, the 11.6-inch model weighs just 2.43 pounds.
Another difference is in that exterior cladding. The smaller laptop will be available in either white or black, while the 13.3-inch unit will come in gray.
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