LiveBlog: Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Winners (Results)

 Photos from OPMB Worldwide
Watch Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Coronation Night replay here:


MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES 2014 - Bb. 25 Mary Jean Lastimosa (Read profile HERE)
Bb. Pilipinas – International 2014 - Bb. 22 Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti
Bb. Pilipinas – Intercontinental 2014 - Bb. 13 Kris Tiffany Janson
Bb. Pilipinas – Supranational 2014 - Bb. 35 Yvethe Marie Santiago
Bb. Pilipinas – Tourism 2014 - Bb. 4 Parul Shah
1st Runner-up - Bb. 11 Laura Victoria Lehmann
2nd Runner-up - Bb. 27 Hannah Ruth Sison


Bb. Friendship - Bb. 21 Racquel Kabigting
Bb. Talent - Bb. 33 Gabrielle Erika Tilokani
Bb. Best in National Costume - Bb.  13 Kris Tiffany Janson
Bb. Photogenic - Bb. 13 Kris Tiffany Janson
Bb. Best in Swimsuit - Bb. 25 Mary Jane Lastimosa
Bb. Best in Evening Gown - Bb. 2 Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti
Manila Bulletin Readers' Choice - Bb. 39 Ladylyn Riva
Ms. Avon - Bb. 35 Yvethe Marie Santiago
Ms. Creamsilk - Bb. 35 Yvethe Marie Santiago
She's so JAG - Bb. 8 Pia Wurtzbach
Ms. Philippine Airlines - Bb. 8 Pia Wurtzbach

TOP 15

15 Laura Lehmann
01 Julian Aurine Flores
22 Mary Anne Guidotti
03 Joanna Angelica Romero
25 Mary Jean Lastimosa
08 Pia Wurtzbach
04 Parul Shah
23 Nicole Marie Manalo
16 Zahara Soriano
35 Yvethe Marie Santiago
14 Emma Mary Tiglao
20 Kenneth Santiago
13 Kris Tiffany Janson
27 Hannah Sison
19 Mae Liezel Ramos


Jeron Teng
Adam Lacker
Carlo Katigbak
Hon. William Christopher
Sec. Gregory Domingo
Kevin Tan
Korina Sanchez
Cory Vidanes
Ambassador Julio Camarena
Sen. Sonny Angara
Ms. Gabriella Isler

Photos from Luigene Yanoria

Question and Answer Portion

Hon. William Christopher to Mae Liezel Ramos
What about being a Filipina are you most proud of?
I am most proud that I am confident. In everything I do I am confident because I love what i do.

Jeron Teng to Hannah Sison
Would you fall in love and marry outside your religion?
If I were to fall in love outside my religion, I would. It's not about what you are, we should not condemn someone because of their religion.

Michael Cinco (via video) to Kris Tiffany Janson
If you could go back int time what would you change and why?
I would go to my father and tell him how much I love him because I know that it was something I took for granted. But tonight, I do not worry because I know he has the best seat, and he is watching from above. And tonight, I am a step closer from achieving his dream.

Ms. Precious Lara Quigaman-Alcaraz to Kenneth Santiago
Name one thing you would sacrifice for a Bb. Crown.
I would sacrifice is my shoes, it is very difficult to find shoes because of my big shoes size, but i would sacrifice this precious thing for the crown.

Carlo Katigbak to Emma Mary Tiglao
What do you think are the reason why the Philippines is a powerhouse for beauty queens in 2013? 
It is not about only their physical beauty but their inner beauty. the true beauty of the Filipina is their heart and we are able to perform our true duties of being a beauty queen.

Ms. Margie Moran to Yvethe Marie Santiago
In your opinion, what qualities inherent in a Filipina that gives them an advantage in international pageants?
The quality that every Filipina has and makes her stand out in international pageant is confidence. We feel confident with our own skin and that makes us feel very beautiful.

Kevin Tan to Zahara Soriano
If you were given a chance to talk before an international audience, what would you tell them about Filipino heroism?
As a Filipino, I am proud to be a Filipino, and. Filipino heroism? I will say that we have modern Filipino OFW who sacrifice their loves for their family.

Cory Vidanes to Nicole Marie Manalo
Do you think that being a beauty queen is a plus or a minus in landing a job in the corporate world?
It is an advantage because you have this beauty, this ability to inspire people.

Korina Sanchez to Parul Shah
As a binibini you must be updated on events, what particular current event affects you the most and why?
I'll have to say it's [the news] about the Malaysia Airlines [flight] that went down. My sincere love and compassion goes out to all the families who lost their love ones. All I can say is that we shouldn't lose faith in God.

Sen. Sonny Angara to Pia Wurtzbach
Ano'ng pinakamagandang leksyon para sa mga babae sa mundo?
Intuition po ang pinaka-importante, kahit hindi ka sigurado sa gagawin mo, maasahan mo ang intuition mo.

Ms. Gabriella Isler to Mary Jean Lastimosa
For you, what is the greatest advantage of being woman?
It is being able to compose ourselves, just like here, we're standing in front of thousands of people not knowing if they will cheer for us... we compose ourselves and show the beauty within us.

Melanie Marquez to Joanna Angelica Romero
Apart from love, what else do we need?
...aside from love, all we need is beauty...not about physical appearance alone. It is about what is inside of you share, how you inspire other people.

Sec. Gregory Domingo to Mary Anne Guidotti
Should you win one of the titles, how would you use your crown to push for your advocacy?
If I win a title, I would use my crown to urge people to adopt their own advocacies. I want people to be passionate about it—something really close to their hearts," the pageant newbie answered. "Someday, hopefully, I will make an NGO of my own.

Adam Laker to Julian Aurine Flores
On Confidence
When people believe in you, they will love you

Laura Lehmann
What country in the world suits your character?
I think the city int he world that best suits my character is Amsterdam. I love the city it's very liberal people get to follow the rules and have fun at the same time. I would like to visit it one day. It best represents my personality.

Returning and crossover candidates

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