BEFORE AND AFTER: Actor-singer Lance Raymundo's gym accident

The camp of Lance Raymundo on Wednesday, April 2, released photos of the actor, including one taken on the day an 80-pound barbell fell on his face while exercising at a gym.

Also included was an undated photo of Raymundo, which appears to be from a pictorial, showing the actor's face before the incident last March 20.
He underwent surgery last March 25, and is scheduled for another operation in the coming weeks to restore other parts of his face.

Another photo showed the actor on the third day of his confinement in a hospital.

A third photo showed him just before undergoing surgery last March 25.

Raymundo said that the trainer who was assisting him when the accident happened has been fired. 

"But I requested my Dad to talk to the gym owners to convince them to absorb the trainer back to the gym as no one really wanted this accident to happen. "Of course, it goes without saying that they will make sure to impose stricter safety measures for everyone."

He also urged those who go to the gym to be cautious in using equipment, giving tips to avoid any more incident similar to his experience.

"Focus is very important when working out. When you use any gym equipment, make an extra effort to check if everything is locked in place and that all weights are securely fastened. Also, avoid conversations especially when in the middle of lifting heavy weights. I think it would also be safe to avoid working out while listening to loud music on your headphones." 

Raymundo said he is "feeling a lot better" a week after undergoing his first operation.

"The surgery perfectly pieced back all the broken bones in my face. Specifically, the socket of my left eye which was completely shattered, my right cheek bone, my nose and the entire area of mid face. I'm more or less 85% back to my normal form.

"The next surgery which will take place about a month from now will restore the remaining 15% ... such as replacing the shattered nasal cartilage with a cartilage that would be harvested from my ear."

Raymundo’s latest project was "A Thief, A Kid & A Killer" directed by Nathan Adolfson.

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