2014 Belo calendar featuring Anne Curtis, Tom Rodriguez, Enrique Gil, Alden Richards, Matteo Guidicelli, Derek Ramsay

Check out this year’s edition of Belo Medical Group 2014 calendar featuring the beautifully-sculpted bodies of its endorsers, 12 of them, each for every month of the New Year complete with the clinic’s services. 

Anne Curtis (January): Laser Hair Removal. Different types that effectively remove even the finest hair strands for a hair-free, star-quality body.
Tom Rodriguez (February): Jet Peel. For skin texture improvement, hydration and overall skin rejuvenation. It gently cleanses and exfoliates dead cells with pressurized oxygen and delivers antioxidants and active serum deep into the skin.

Ruffa Gutierrez (March): Stem Cell Lipo. State-of-the-art liposculpting technique that lessens body fat in a comfortable way and brings back one’s youthful appearances through fat transfer.

Enrique Gil (April): Skin Master for Dark Under Eyes. A unique program that uses multiple technologies and targeted products resulting to exfoliation, improved circulation and moisturization. It helps improve the appearance of dark circles and other blemishes.

Lucy Torres-Gomez (May): Revlite + Acupuncture. A safe and painless laser for skin pigmentation such as melasma, age and sunspots, and other imperfections. The acupuncture improves the underlying muscle tone to prevent skin laxity and facial sagging.

Edward Mendez (June): Lipo Cavitation (by Sexy Solutions). It breaks down stubborn fat cells in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, arms, upper and lower back without surgery.

Andi Eigenmann (July): TiteFx (by Sexy Solutions). A non-invasive, walk-in-walk-out body contouring and fat-destroying machine that delivers high-voltage pulses to problem areas permanently destroying fat cells.

Alden Richards (August): Fat Freeze. The newest and coolest non-surgical way to lose belly bulge, muffin tops and love handles.

Angeline Quinto (September): Laser Lipo Arms. It uses a circumferential technique in removing unwanted fats and bulges around the arm, resulting to slimmer and well-sculpted arms.

Matteo Guidicelli (October): Energy Infusion. The best way to take your vitamin is straight into the blood stream. Energy Infusion is a much-needed fix for extra vigor and enhanced immunity.

Derek Ramsay (November): Sculptor Plus. This latest technology uses radio frequency and electrical impulses that effectively melt fat, tighten skin and firm the muscle. It helps improve facial and body contour as well as the look of stretch marks.

Ellen Adarna (December): Breast Augmentation. This procedure uses the sub-pectoral technique which inserts breast implants underneath the muscles creating natural-looking breasts.

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