#THROWBACK2013 | Year in Review: Top Obsessions

10. Ramen burger

Some people swore it was delicious, others criticized them for being incredibly unhealthy.

9. Asian social networks emerged as rivals to American giants Facebook and Skype

China's WeChat and Japan's Line, which let users make free calls, send instant messages, photos and short videos, roll together attributes from Facebook, Skype and messaging applications WhatsApp.

8. E-cigarettes

The battery-powered devices come with tips that light up and glow with the aid of an LED. Smoke appears to waft from them but it is in fact water vapor.

7. Bitstrips

Instead of finding the local tourist trap for a caricaturist, more than 10 million people downloaded the mobile comics app to star in their own strip. Bitstrips avatars took over Facebook and Twitter feeds.

6. The Royal baby

Kate Middleton gave birth to Prince George of Cambridge, the future King of England. Kate’s pregnancy was followed extremely closely, and the world went wild when she and Prince William finally exited the hospital with their little regal bundle of joy.

5. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ casting

Ardent readers of the 2012 torrid trilogy loaded up e-petitions and fan posters online with their choices on who should play wealthy sexual sadist Christian Grey and ingenue Anastasia Steele.  Jamie Dornan quickly took up the silk bonds, but the movie was delayed to Feb. 13, 2015.

4. New 100 dollar bill

The new Benjamins barely landed in circulation when numismatic conspiracists started reading hidden messages within its antipiracy features. They should've been more impressed with the touches of color and texture: After all, as respected as U.S. currency is, the green-and-white color schemes are a little staid. About 3.5 billion bills will be making the rounds.

3. Twerking

Thanks to Miley Cyrus and her many racy performances, “twerking” forced its way into the cultural lexicon. In 2013, it was nearly impossible to avoid this suggestive dance move that involves shaking one’s behind up and down. 

2. Candy Crush Saga

Players attempt to line up three or more sweets such as yellow lemon drops, orange lozenges and red jelly beans before progressing to higher levels. Each day, with some 700 million games of Candy Crush played, the game has been racking up sales of $850,000.

1. Selfie

Self-portraiture may go back to cave paintings, but smartphones made selfies instant, and social networks became the instant distribution network. The word "selfie," which was a hashtag as far back as 2004 on Flickr, was named 2013 word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries.

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