#THROWBACK2013 | Year in Review: Top TV Hookups

10. Spencer and Wren, "Pretty Little Liars"
Spencer and the sexy doc have been firm friends from the beginning (he was engaged to her sister). But finally their friendship boils over with a molten kiss.

9. Charlie and Jason, “Revolution”
They started off as wary antagonists, then even warier allies. But the spark between them grows when they bond over their not-so-great parents. After Jason is injured during a drone attack by Monroe’s army, Charlie visits him in the hospital where they share a tender kiss. 

8. Bash and Mary, “Reign”
Mary might be Queen of Scotland, but there’s no ruling her impetuous heart. She’s engaged to marry Francis, heir to France’s throne, but she also has feelings for his half-brother, Bash. In a vulnerable moment, Mary pours out her feelings to Bash and he comforts her with a blazing kiss.

7. Nolan and Patrick, “Revenge”
After losing Padma and going to prison, Nolan needs some cheering up. Enter the very handsome, very mysterious Patrick.

6. Sookie and Warlow, “True Blood”
Warlow’s been waiting to be with Sookie for thousands of years.

5. Rayna and Deacon, “Nashville”
Rayna and Deacon’s relationship, with its many ups and downs, is definitely material for one hell of a country song. When she and husband Teddy split up, Rayna can finally be with her first love again.

4. Mike and Rachel, “Suits”
When Mike finally reveals to Rachel that he didn’t go to Harvard and isn’t actually a real lawyer, she’s mad as hell. But the flip side of her anger is attraction, and they finally hook up in the copy room. Filing just got a whole lot sexier.

3. Elena and Damon, “The Vampire Diaries”
With high school in the rearview mirror, Elena has nothing to do all summer — but Damon.

2. Jess and Nick, “New Girl”
Roommates hooking up is such a bad idea — but these two prove to be the exception. First, they try their hardest not to kiss when they were dared to, but later, when the challenge is over, Jess and Nick’s lips come together like magnets.

1. Jon and Ygritte, “Game of Thrones”
Winter might be coming, but Jon and Ygritte make it feel more like a sultry summer day. These two had been pushing each other’s buttons ever since he “defected” from the Night’s Watch, and they finally shed all their heavy furs to get it on in a cave’s hot spring.

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