MMFF Cinephone Competition 2013

The Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) opens up its doors to younger, independent filmmakers. While larger, big budget studios have dominated MMFF headlines, festival organizers have made it a point to embrace independent filmmaking through its New Wave category. 

High school and college students submitted films produced and shot through their mobile phone cameras. As part of its campaign, it has released a series of text-only films that are viewable completely through a wide variety of mobile phones.

These 4 text films are made entirely out of text characters and are available for free through the Metro Manila Film Festival website. They are a testament to the kind of tools available for innovative storytellers, and proof that a phone is all you need to make a film. The 4 text films are "Make Love," "I Want Your Body," "I Want Your Body 2," and "Hangman."

Here are the MMFF Cinephone films:

Make Love
A man named less-than goes on a search for the one who will make him believe that there really is such a thing as soul mates. 

I Want Your Body
After years of being body-less, a psychopathic evil head seeks for a body by decapitating every single creature that comes his way but can't find the perfect one. 

I Want Your Body 2
After the decapitating massacre, a new demon rises. The evil headless woman seeks for a head that would perfectly fit her body not knowing that someone is after her as well. 

Two contestants join a game show called Hangman without knowing that the consequences of every wrong answer may leave them hanging by their neck. 

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