In mock Q&A, Ariella Arida reacts to Aguilar's love affair, RH, divorce bill

The Philippines’ representative to this year’s Miss Universe pageant was asked to react to the controversial relationship of singer Freddie Aguilar with a minor as part of a mock question and answer portion
 On the ANC program “Headstart” on Monday, Miss Universe Philippines 2013 Ariella Arida said she does not condemn Aguilar’s relationship with a 16-year-old woman, which has been criticized by many on social media.

“We can do nothing about it because that’s love… You know love, it’s really unexplainable. Maybe in the eyes of people [it’s wrong]… because we’re not used to it in our society. We are used to the normal [relationship]. I’m not saying it’s not normal [but] we’re not used to that kind of love in our society. I have nothing against Mr. Freddie Aguilar falling in love with a 16-year-old. At the end of the day, for me, it depends on the girl.”

During the mock question and answer portion on “Headstart,” Arida was also asked about her views on different issues such as divorce and the Reproductive Health bill.

The Miss Universe Philippines 2013 said she does not support divorce, citing her religious background.

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“Coming from a religious background… I’m not in favor of divorce. Before you get into marriage, you should have a full understanding of each other. You have to accept who you are.”

When asked by Davila if she is willing to stay in a marriage “where there is no longer love,” Arida replied:

“It’s hard to answer, you, know, but… How can you not feel the love in the first place? God gave us the opportunity to be together so only He could separate us.”

As for the Reproductive Health bill, Arida said she supports the pending measure.

“I am for the Reproductive Health bill because the way I see it, RH bill is like wise family planning. For me, it’s not a form of killing. For me, it’s more of an injustice if you give birth to a child and in return, you cannot nurture it, you cannot take care of it. So might as well be smart, be wise in our actions.”

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