Butt exposure scene in 'Mr. Bean' daytime episode gets MTRCB's attention

A "buttocks exposure scene" in an episode of a locally aired foreign sitcom drew the attention of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), prompting a mandatory conference to discuss the matter.
 On its official Twitter page, the MTRCB on Tuesday identified the scene which aired on Monday, October 21, during an episode of the popular British program "Mr. Bean."

"Mr. Bean," which had a six-year run in the United Kingdom starting 1989, currently airs at 9:45 a.m. as part of ABS-CBN's "Team Animazing" line-up.

"Mr. Bean in Room 426" is the 8th episode of the television series.

In the episode of "Mr. Bean" aired locally on Monday, the title character portrayed by Rowan Atkinson stays in a posh hotel where he gets into many escapades.

That night, he is feeling unwell with a high temperature and has a nightmare about the oysters, in which the man he was sat next to and the two waiters are laughing at him menacingly and the oysters are full of vomit. Waking up in a sweat, Bean removes his pyjamas, but while attempting to sleep, his other neighbour plays loud music. Bean walks out of his room stark naked to knock on the door, but his own door closes, and Bean finds himself accidentally locked out of his room, naked. He manages to get to the ground floor by covering himself with a fire extinguisher and various hotel signboards marked "Private", "Exit", "Out of Order" and "No Entry".

Noting the episode aired over "free TV," the MTRCB on Tuesday said it has set a mandatory conference with ABS-CBN on November 5.

Watch the episode here:

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