How to catch liars

Lying is quite a common activity and like every other activity, it is hardly foolproof in nature. Lies can be caught easily, if one is perceptive enough to detect the signs. Here are some ways using which you can tell if someone is lying or not.

1. Nervous body language



When a person is lying to you, their physical ability to express is extremely stiff. Hand movements will be absent and the limbs will be drawn towards the body to occupy less space. Their constricted form results from personally acknowledging the lie that they are telling.

2. Lack of eye contact



A person telling a lie will avoid looking at you in the eye. Lowered gazes and the inability to make eye contact are one of the most potent signs of lying.

3. Physical distraction



Often, a person telling a lie will tend to touch or scratch their noses, chins, arms or legs as a distraction. This is one very important sign of spotting a liar.

4. Emotional timing



When telling a lie, a person seems to be out of sync with the impersonating emotion. This means that the verbal statement will never match their instantaneous reaction. To cover up, they will follow their faltering expression with a made-up gesture to make things seem normal.

5. Awkward facial expression



When it comes to judging a person by their facial expressions, the emotions on the face of the liar is only limited to the mouth. While a normal person would radiate the emotion through every muscle on his face, a liar would simply constrict the emotion to the mouth.

6. Defensive behavior

If a person tends to get overtly defensive without reason, it is a sign that he/she is lying about something. Since people speaking the truth tend to take up an offensive approach, being defensive makes it easy to spot a liar, in plain sight.

7. Visible discomfort



While a normal person would put forth a cheerful disposition and make potent eye contact, a liar would show signs of physical discomfort while speaking. The symptoms would include inability to face the interrogator and/or physically turning their heads away.

8. Placing barriers



In the unconscious attempt to block one from knowing the truth, a liar will physically place objects between himself and the interrogator. This will offer him a mental solace for metaphorically keeping the truth hidden.

9. Turning questions into answers



While a truthful person will come up with a logical-sounding answer to an interrogative question, a liar will fashion his answer out of the question itself. Some liars have included exact phrases of the question into their answer to escape getting caught. This is an important telling sign of spotting a liar.

10. Speaking too much



A liar, in the face of getting caught, tends to speak much more than necessary. Talking too much makes him/her seem suspicious. This is another important sign in spotting liars.

A lie is nothing but a conscious blocking of the truth. If one is perceptive enough to gauge the physical symptoms, they can easily spot a liar in the crowd.

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