Revilla, Enrile, Estrada PDAF reportedly went to Napoles NGOs

Senators Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr, Juan Ponce Enrile, and Jinggoy Estrada PDAF reportedly went to bogus organizations created by alleged scammer Janet Lim Napoles. 
This is the story that findings of a state audit tell.
Looking into senators’ fund releases from 2007 to 2009, the Commission on Audit (COA) found that allocations under the names of Enrile, Revilla, and Estrada repeatedly went to 3 to 8 NGOs that Napoles runs either directly or through dummies.
The Napoles NGOs got a total of P1.23 billion from the 3 senators alone over the years that were audited.
The amount also represents one-fifth of the total P6.16 billion that COA said were released to dubious NGOs.

No. of Napoles NGO Beneficiaries
Amount Released
Juan Ponce Enrile
P407.39 million
Ramon 'Bong' Revilla Jr
P422.99 million
Jinggoy Estrada
P396.25 million
Source: COA special audit of lawmakers' releases, including PDAF, from 2007-2009
The COA released on Friday, August 16, its report on the special audit it conducted on fund releases by senators and congressmen, including the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel.
Estrada said Napoles was his "acquaintance," and they only met during parents' meetings in school, where his daughter and her nephew were classmates. 
 He clarified that he never had business dealings with Napoles and did not know if the PDAF endorsements he signed before were actually for her.
Enrile has denied knowing Napoles at all.

Revilla said that his and Napoles’ children are business partners. The company owned by Bryan Revilla (Bryan Bautista) and James Napoles, PB & J Corp, was incorporated on Jan 1, 2011, or 6 months after Sen Revilla (Jose Mari Bautista) was re-elected senator and his wife Lani Mercado Revilla was elected congresswoman of Cavite’s first district.
The COA special report showed Revilla’s pork barrel was divided between 5 NGOs with links to Napoles, with releases totaling P422.99 million.

A total of P407.39 million in Enrile’s PDAF was released to 8 Napoles NGOs.

Estrada’s funds totalling P396.25 million went to 3 NGOs identified with Napoles.

Three NGOs were common recipients of the 3 senators:

  • Masaganang Ani Para sa Magsasaka Foundation Inc (MAMFI)
  • Social Development Program for Farmers Development (SDPFFI)
  • Pangkabuhayan Foundation Inc (Pang-FI).

These 3 NGOs alone got a total of P857.83 million, or 70%, of the 3 senators’ PDAF releases that went to Napoles NGOs.

This was corroborated by the COA special report, which uncovered other disturbing findings.
Below is a list of all Napoles-linked NGOs that COA found to be among 82 that misused or failed to liquidate government releases:

Napoles-controlled NGO/ Amount received from senators and congressmen
Agri & Economic Program for Farmers Foundation (AEPFFI)
P145.25 million
Agricultura Para sa Magbubukid Foundation (APMFI)
P104.95 million
Bukirin Tanglaw Livelihood Foundation Inc. (BTLFI)
P19.2 million
Countrywide Agri and Rural Economic Development Foundation Inc. (CARED)
P246.74 million
Masaganang Ani Para sa Magsasaka Foundation Inc. (MAMFI)
P477.033 million
Pangkabuhayan Foundation Inc. (Pang-FI)
P396.128 million
People's Organization for Progress and Development Foundation Inc. (POPDFI)
P50.35 million
Philippine Agri & Social Economic Development Foundation Inc. (PASEDF)
P10.57 million
Social Development Program for Farmers Foundations Inc. (SDPFFI)
P585.359 million
Philippine Social Development Foundation Inc. (PSDFI)
P121.61 million
P2.157.19 billion
Source: COA special audit of lawmakers' releases, including PDAF, from 2007-2009

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