CUPIT, NACAW, CORAF, HOLDAF | Netizens suggest names for new pork system

President Aquino wants us to believe that he is for the abolition of the pork barrel system.

What PNoy announced was the abolition of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

He didn’t say the pork barrel system would be abolished. 

Definitely, the funds will no longer be called PDAF but it would remain as congressional allocations.

A number of Internet users proposed new names for the controversial “pork barrel” fund.

Twitter revealed creative name suggestions for the reincarnated pork barrel allocations, including:

1. Budgetary Allocation for Collaborative Outreach Nationwide (BACON);
2. Lawmakers Initiative for Emergency, Miscellaneous and Personal Outlay (LIEMPO);
3. Livelihood Empowerment for Countrywide Humanitarian Outlaw Network (LECHON);
4. Pinagandang Iligal na Gastusin (PIG);
5. Countrywide Universal Priority Initiatives Treasury (CUPIT) Fund;
6. Totally New Government PDAF Audited to Satisfaction (TONGPATS);
7. Selective Enforcement of Budgetary Outlays (SEBO);
8. Government Outlay Line-itemized and Appropriated Yearly (GOLAY);
9. Fund Integration for Social Housing (FISH);
10. Bridges, Excavations & Elevated Roads Fund (BEEF);
11. Countrywide Allocations With Accountability and Transparency (CAWAT);
12. National Allotment for Countryside Amelioration and Welfare (NACAW);
13. P-Noy’s Initiative for Good Governance Countrywide (PIGGY);
14. Countrywide Assistance for Special and Important Matters (CASIM);
15. Budget for Allies for Continuation of Party Dominance (BACON-PD);
16. Hearty Allocation of Money (HAM);
17. Countrywide Outreach and Rehabilitation Assistance Fund (CORAF);
18. BSA’s Awesome Budget for Outstanding Allies of the Year (BABOY);
19. Horrifyingly Unlimited Money for Belmonte, Aquino and Allies (HUMBA);
20. Benigno Aquino Development Assistance Fund (BADAF);
21. National Assistance Program of Lawmakers Engaged in Swindling (NAPOLES);
22. Holistic Lawmaking for Development of All Filipinos (HOLDAF);
23. President’s Outlay for Countrywide Handling of Emergency Rehabilitation for Opulence (POCHERO);
24. Outlay for the Interest of Napoles and Kin (OINK);
25. President Aquino’s Nationwide Outlay for Transparency (PANOT); and
26. President Aquino’s Political Action and Initiative for Total Allocation of National Budget (PAPAITAN).

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