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Caricature by Randolf Romar Medrano
On July 22, midway through his term, a monster with a yellow ribbon in his barong will again face the scene stealers, oldies and neophytes, in his fourth State of the Nation Address(SONA).

His bosses slash followers, the minions, will listen to him.

SONA is an opportunity for the big man to tell the kingdom about the national situation and about his plans.

It should also be my chance as a tiny significant follower to come up with my own plans.

Reducing Human Poverty

We heard the scene stealers during their campaign: “Murang pagkain. Maraming pagkain. Aasenso ang buhay.”

How to reduce poverty in the nation? It’s not a feeding program.

These men of law should promote growth and think of the creation of more wealth while closing the gap between the rich and the poor. The creation of 1.4 million jobs in the past year is not enough. We need more jobs.

This land has the fastest-growing economy in Asia it failed to offset high figures of unemployment. Unemployment is not only the problem in our realm. Some employees who has education, experience, or skills beyond the requirements of the job are still in underemployment status. Can you just imagine a licensed teacher who is working as a saleslady in a department store, a registered nurse who is a taxi driver, or a business administration graduate who was trained to become a security guard?

Fostering Democratic Governance

We always here these jingles: “Pagbabago. Reporma. Daang matuwid.”

When did we see our justice agencies and courts’ efforts in improving their measurements in respecting and defending the rights of the citizens?

The administration should have an efficient and effective, corrupt-free practices and ethical behavior at all levels.

Local civil society organizations, media and other sectors should be engaged in reviewing and monitoring the performance of our government.

Environment for Sustainable Development

How could we have a sustainable development if moochers do not support environmental protection?

We have an impressive biodiversity and heritage but some of them are now virtually overlapped with permits to explore and mine. How can the local governments permit these kinds of activities without considering the public safety? Our leaders do not need to sacrifice the people and environment for their own interests. These activities do not contribute a big difference to our economy.

What about education?

Every now and then, every administration fails to give attention to our basic education.

UNESCO in a recent study said that the country is fifth in the world with the highest number of out-of-school youth at 1.46 million.

What's on the menu?

So, what are the things on the giant’s speech?

Reproductive health law, freedom of information bill or Bangsamoro Framework Agreement? Jokes about his love life, victory of Team PNoy, or blame the past administration? Relocation of informal settlers, upgraded airports, or creation of more classrooms? Implementation of K-12 program or sin tax law?

In 2011, Aquino emphasized poverty reduction and hunger statistics. Good economic performance have been underlined in his speech in 2012.

Highlighting the good?

On promoting universal healthcare, 3.9 families are now beneficiaries of the conditional cash transfer program. At least 8,581 sitios have been given access to electricity.

Happy ending

Like in an ordinary film, minions want a happy ending. This film continues to roll. We can’t change anything at once. We give this yellow monster until 2016 to give us what we deserve. This giant may get applause but we need to track his promises. The minions of the 7,107 islands want to challenge the big man. Her stunning sister said in her own show: “All provinces must be improved so they can help our economy.” Mr. President in a yellow ribbon and scene stealers of both houses, every minion has his own dream but everyone is united in a vision of better life, better leaders, and better nation. Improve every province, engage every citizen, and change our government practices.

Author: Paul Michael Camania Jaramillo

Student| Youth Advocate | Leader | Environmental Advocate | Writer | Blogger | RH Advocate

I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious. — Albert Einstein
I write about darkness because I want to show the light — Jose Rizal

He has been involved in different advocacy and defending human rights. As a blogger, writer, netizen and an advocate, he has found focus & interest on sexuality & reproductive health, deaf rights & legal access and youth development, leadership, environment advocacy, issues in the nation and in the world, religion, culture and human rights At the age of 14, he has fully embraced the call of leadership.

He was a Lussoc National High School 'The Sring' and 'Ang Batis' news editor. A radical visionary leader, he has led organizations of the Supreme Student Government, Science Club, Youth for Environment in Schools Organization, Interact Club, Math Club, Philippine National Red Cross and other organizations in their institution. He was also awarded as a distinguished student leader as a former officer of the Supreme Student Government and received President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Campus Journalism Award. He attended two National Leadership Training for the Student Government Officers, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Youth for Environment Summer Camp, Science Leaders Congress and Schools Press Conference. Joined and won in the several contests from their school to the national level.

He is a church choir organist and an officer of the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo).

Paul is a BS Accountancy student at the Northwestern University. He works for CBAA Biznews and  The Blog of Innocence: SilentVoice Points. He is the College Editors Guild of the Philippines-Ilocos Chairperson. CEGP is the oldest and broadest intercollegiate alliance of student publications in the Asia-Pacific.

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