Before ‪"My Husband's Lover‬," there was "Tubog sa Ginto"

GMA 7 presents the most provocative drama series of the network via “My Husband’s Lover.” This highly-dramatic and intriguing soap opera tackles true to life relationships. But before the gay-themed soap opera, there was a landmark film "Tubog sa Ginto."

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Originally, Tubog sa Ginto is a serialized drama komiks novel written by Mars Ravelo, illustrated by Elpidio Torres and published in the pages of Tagalog Klasiks in 1970. The komiks became controversial because it was the first time that a respected komiks writer touched homosexuality. Undoubtedly one of Ravelo's masterpiece in writings, it was a no holds-barred view of the topic of homosexuality, as seen from the pen of a talented writer.

Watch "Tubog sa Ginto" as posted on YouTube:

Tubog sa Ginto was adapted into film by Lea Productions in 1971. It was director Lino Brocka's third film, and it showcases Brocka's innate skill in filmmaking.

The film starred Eddie Garcia as Don Benito, a millionaire who is married to Donya Emma which was portrayed by Lolita Rodriguez, and has a son named Santi, Jay Ilagan. Unknown to his family, Don Benito is a homosexual and he was having an affair with the family driver, Diego, Mario O'Hara. Don Benito tries so hard to keep up his straight man facade, afraid of being outed and scandalized, until Diego decides to black mail him for money. Don Benito gives in to all of Diego's demands but alas, his problems would only pile up as his true self was revealed to his family. This changed his life and his relationships with the people around him, and eventually led to tragedy.

Lino Brocka and Eddie Rodriguez each received a statuette from the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences in 1971 for their excellent work in the film.

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