Why are we born if we have to die?

Why are we born if we have to die? This is one of the questions raised on one of the most interesting blog sites I've encountered. According to the author, He was asked by his nephew the same question. But the child was not satisfied with his answer. And so i gave mine.

My thoughts for this question are really simple.

To be Born and to Die are just human experiences.

Birth begins our human life experience and death ends it.

“In order to die we have to first be alive, and in order to be alive we need to first be born”

Nature teaches us this in the life cycle of every plant and animal, but as humans we think that we are smarter so this rule should not apply to us.

Most children today seem dissatisfied with simple answers,perhaps because we adults have complicated life experiences for them so much.

The beauty of the human mind is that it has an infinite power to ask all sorts of questions that pertain to even the realms beyond human imagination, but the tragedy is that its comprehensive ability is conditioned and relatively finite and so when the answers to our questions lie beyond our human experiences and imagination we are unable to grasp them.

With advances in thinking of course, we are moving into newer and deeper levels of understanding, but the great unknown always remains one step away from us.

Maybe when we die we might encounter this great unknown and perhaps be able to find the answers to the complicated questions we had while we were alive. This possibility too, as humans we cannot know just yet!!
Until then, its better to keep things simple and give honest and straightforward answers that sometimes are a single line like ” I don’t know”, For most children this is the most satisfying, because it places us at their level and they feel that they can then question and learn with us – and we are not going to give them some pre conceived understanding of what we have, which again complicates their questions further.

From most of the posts a pattern seems to emerge, that as adults it is so easy to take a simple question and get into very complicated insights, but it is hard for us to admit and give a child (or a blog site) the simple reply that “we really don’t know.”

We are being wrapped to idealism and religious belief that we tend to complicate our answers as we don't want to commit mistakes, and we don't want to think beyond the standards that we lived by as we are afraid that our answers - may it be ideas, facts, theories,or even general information could ruin it all. Our fear that our answers may look stupid or be rejected by the society makes us even more stupid. 
To live is to die? such a cliche... a pessimist answer... Most of the times, to live is to make mistakes, to mess around, to fall in love, to be hurt, and to hurt, to try extra ordinary, to love friends, to be bitch, sacrifice, to enjoy... and after that, THE HELL WE CARE!

Author: Paulo Lam

Don't ask me how to be a good writer because I am not and I will never be. When you wake up one day, and all you want to do is write, then you can call yourself a writer.

Paulo Lam currently keeps a blog called Melted Cheese Reloaded. He loves number 8. Paulo's dream is to score a movie and win an Oscar for that.

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