Top 10 most in-demand jobs and vacancies here and abroad

Here's the list of the top 10 in-demand overseas jobs, based on postings from POEA-licensed agencies as of June 3.

1. General Work (housekeeper, driver, dispatch, messenger, etc.) - 14,325 jobs available
2. Engineering (mechanical, automotive etc) - 9,221
3. Engineering - Others - 8,196
4. Manufacturing/Production operations - 5,901
5. Food/Beverage/Restaurant Service - 5,324
6. Healthcare – Nurse/Medical Support and Assistant - 4,968
7. Engineering – Civil/Construction/Structural) - 4,785
8. Engineering - Electrical - 3,848
9. Maintenance/Repair (facilities and machinery) - 1,951
10. Clerical/Administrative Support - 1,675

In Saudi Arabia alone, 28,295 jobs are up for grabs followed by Qatar (8,230); United Arab Emirates (5,169); Abu Dhabi (1,806); Dubai (1,777); Kuwait (1,721); Bahrain (1,422); Oman (1,326); Singapore (929); and Papua New Guinea (559).

The Department of Labor and Employment has released a list of top job-generating industries and occupations in the Philippines.

Labor Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz said job opportunities in the domestic market registered at 38 percent, or 1,277 vacancies.

Of the published local vacancies, the most in-demand occupations included the following: professionals, 913; clerks, 721; service workers, 632; officials of the government and special interest organizations, 398; trade and related workers, 211; laborers and skilled workers, 208; plant and machine operators, 137; and farmers, forestry workers, and fisherman, 112.

These figures are distributed by job title in the following order:
(1) Sales Professionals;
(2) Accounting Officer/Accountant;
(3) Mason;
(4) Call Center Agent;
(5) Quality Assurance/Control Engineer;
(6) Cashier;
(7) Civil Engineer;
(8) Office Staff;
(9) Engineer;
(10) Mechanical Engineer;
(11) Secretary;
(12) Electrical Engineer;
(13) Human Resource Personnel;
(14) Driver;
(15) Marketing Officer;
(16) Receptionist;
(17) Project Engineer;
(18) Waiter/Waitress;
(19) Telemarketer/Telecommunication Officer;
(20) Project Manager;
(21) Estimator;
(22) Architect;
(23) Instrument Engineer;
(24) Recruitment Specialist; and
(25) Administrative Officer/Staff.

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