THE TROUBLE | Daiana Menezes and Rep. Benjamin Benaldo

Brazilian model-actress Daiana Menezes’s cryptic messages and photos about violence against women have caused alarm among netizens who think she’s crying for help.
The posts seem to have started last June 6 when Daiana tweeted:

Upon seeing her photo of a bruised arm with some cuts, one of Daiana’s followers urged her to speak up for her own good.

Another photo, where Daiana said “Real men don’t use violence” caused further alarm.

She also pleaded for prayers.

But not all the posts were gloomy. Daiana’s subsequent posts on violence against women consisted of messages of hope.

But that same day, Daiana told her followers it’s time for her to break her silence. Without going into details, she talked about  “physical, sexual and emotional pain.”

Before her cryptic messages, Daiana posted a photo of herself and her fiancé, Cagayan de Oro Rep. Jose Benjamin “Benjo” Benaldo.

In her Twitter account, Menezes thanked all who showed concern and support.

"Whoever wrote this analyzes I appreciate the understanding. I'm only gonna SPEAK together with the accused one," she said.

 A message from Menezes' follower 

Menezes also defended Benaldo amid the rumors.

"sorry po ha i apreciate ang following ng history ko dito pero respect above all... The mentioned isn't gay," Menezes said.
Outgoing Cagayan de Oro Rep. Benjamin Benaldo admitted "differences" with his partner, model Daiana Menezes, amid speculations about the Brazilian beauty's controversial messages of "domestic violence" early this week.
"Like any couple, Daiana and I encounter problems. We try to resolve them privately. I have apologized to her and she has accepted. On behalf of Daiana's actions on social media (Twitter, Instagram), we seek the understanding of everyone regarding her posts on her advocacies seeking help and support."
Benaldo likewise confirmed ABS-CBN News' earlier report that he and Menezes were married in December 2012.

"Daiana and I got married civilly in Las Vegas. Since then, we have been preparing for the big religious ceremony as we previously announced. We are together out of love. We fought because of love. She has forgiven me because she truly loves me. I am truly blessed. We thank our friends & relatives for their patience and support. We thank everyone for respecting our privacy."
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