The 'lesbian' comic strip: Why Inquirer suspended 'Pugad Baboy'

The Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) has suspended its popular "Pugad Baboy" comic strip, after it reportedly offended an exclusive Catholic girls school with a joke about lesbian students, and perhaps lesbian nuns.
Celebrated Pugad Baboy cartoonist Pol Medina, Jr. complained Thursday on his Facebook page about being "fired" by the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) over a controversial strip.
On June 4, the comic strip, penned by Antonio “Pol” Medina, discussed Catholic hypocrisy and alluded to St. Scholastica as a school riddled with lesbians.

A character in the strip said: "Sa St. Scho e wala kang makikitang magandang kulasa na walang girlfriend (In St. Scholastica you can't find a 'kulasa' who doesn't have a girlfriend.)"

Medina said that there has been a "consPIGracy," a pun on the strip's overweight characters, in dismissing the commissioned cartoon serial only after it was discussed on Twitter.

"If you zoom in on that particular strip that got me fired, you'll see that the strip first appeared in March. No reaction then. It was reissued after I made a series of of anti-Marcos strips, then BOOM! Nag-trending sa Twitter. Interesting. I smell a consPIGracy."

Medina, however, later on clarified that his stripped was only "suspended" from the newspaper's pages and he was not fired.
Students and alumni of St. Scholastica’s college protested that their school was singled out in Medina’s comic strip. There were also criticisms of the artist’s take on Catholic belief and practices.
People had mixed views on the issue.

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