Student enrolls using 40 first names, 1 surname

An incoming high school senior will be enrolling at Urdaneta City National High School in Pangasinan, and he will have to write down his full name. It consists of 40 first names—plus a surname.

His older brother, 21-year-old Ramuel, who has 20 first names is also enrolling at the University of the Philippines (UP) Baguio as a sophomore. 


The kilometric names, however, were all their father’s “fault.”

Their father, Rufino Ramil San Juan V, a former Urdaneta councilor and student activist and campus journalist at UP Baguio in the 1980s, decided that the bureaucracy needed to learn a thing or two about flexibility.

San Juan posted a recountal on CNN iReport website.

"To me, my children’s names are novels, not novelties. Each name has a story, often veiled in allegory. The names can be taken literally, interpreted figuratively, or understood anagogically."

But the better justification for the lengthy names comes from poet Margaret Atwood, he said in his CNN iReport account: “The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them: There ought to be as many for love.”

The names of Ramille Lewisse, Ramuel and Ratziel again became an obstacle when their passports needed renewal. He posted the account in August 2008.

“We’re a Filipino family based in Texas. Last week, we went to the Philippine Consular Office in Chicago to avail of the new machine-readable passports. I was told by the staff that the application papers of my three kids will be referred to the national office in Manila before being processed. I was informed that the new passport can only accommodate 30 characters for a given name.” 

His 15-year-old kid was born Ratziel Timshel Ismail Zerubbabel Zabud Zimry Pike Blavatsky Philo Judaeus Polidorus Isurenus Morya Nylghara Rakoczy Kuthumi Krishnamurti Ashram Jerram Akasha Aum Ultimus Rufinorum Jancsi Janko Diamond Hu Ziv Zane Zeke Wakeman Wye Muo Teletai Chohkmah Nesethrah Mercavah Nigel Seven Morningstar A. San Juan CCCII.

San Juan's second son was named Ramuel Spirituel Mattathiah Obadiah Darius Desiderius Abner Macaire Nowell Asa Izzy Zoon Politikon Trigg Gruffydd Keen Kemp Knowles Bonifacio Makabayan A. San Juan.

Her daughter, Ramille Lewisse, 25, who operates a Web design consultancy firm in Metro Manila has 20 first names: Ramille Lewisse Marion To Kalon Zoe Vera Natalia Nadezna Zora Hosea Pro Patria Berenice Clotilda Currente Calamo Naomi Nahum Mehetabel A. San Juan.

It may be funny, unique and interesting but parents should think giving long names can turn out to be a burden to their child, making a normal day difficult because they need to explain, spell, or pronounce their name, and justify it.

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