Million Shades of Life: Understanding Life

Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens. ~ Kahlil Gibran  

Every one was born with senses and intellect to perceive the world before us. And with these we establish our own understanding, beliefs and values. We develop our own personalty and attitude, and condition our minds to our liking. We are  free to lead the life we wanted from the moment we were born or that's how I'd like to think. You may say that reality dictates otherwise and perhaps you are right. However, be it as it may, you shouldn't forget that you are still your own decisions. You may find yourself in different situations, be it be a good one or a bad one, but you must not forget that a part of you, if not the whole of you, has consented to it.

Life will throw you to a limbo of repetitions and monotonous routine that will stealthily wear you down and before you know it, you have lost the ability to see life in colors. Life will give you problems and false hopes that will eventually blind you of what real happiness means. It will leave you skeptical, unsatisfied and numb. Life will tire you down and you will then die of old age not knowing that there is more to life than it's scheming face. Life, like people, has many faces; like a song, it has many tunes; like a color, it has many shades. Life itself  is the complete 360-degree revolution.

I heard from somewhere that if you think you understand life, you should think again. Understanding life itself shouldn't be anybody's concern - that's what I think. You'll just be wasting your time because in order to fully understand life you must see it through the eyes of more than seven billion people. You must see through the eyes of the forgiving and yet at the same time through the eyes of people who hold grudge as if it is their lifelines; the eyes of  a vagabond and the eyes of a well-sheltered prince; the eyes of the oppressed and at the same time the eyes of a tyrant. In order to fully understand life itself, you must also understand every single person walking about the surface of the earth.  While I can't say it is impossible, I am very confident to say that it is nowhere possible.

Did you ever wonder why people were born differently? Raised differently? Sees differently? Because everyone is born to posses a set of senses that will allow them to perceive the world in a way that should be different from others. It is to show other people, what the world looks like, how it feels like looking and feeling through the senses other than our own.

We were born with limited knowledge of the things around us but with limitless understanding of other people's emotions and feelings (could be what we call empathy) because perhaps we were not created to understand the workings of life but to appreciate life itself. How? By continually trying to understand and empathizing with others and at the same time not losing sight of ourselves. But in order to do that, we must first know our true selves. The key here is to be always honest to ourselves and to understand our own nature.

We must discover the inner workings of our mind instead of the inner workings of life. What we may discover may scare us but running away from it will be running away from life itself. Perhaps we could only understand life by understanding our own.

And as the opening quote has stated, leading our own life is what life is all about, not letting life itself lead our own lives. It is all about how we react and how we look at whatever life dishes to us. Remember that life has different shades and that it is the complete 360-degree revolution. If things get  blurry and tough, try looking at it in a different light while turning it on a certain angle.  You might well be surprised about what you might see.

*A/N: I'm not sure if what I just wrote make sense and if it's just my usual ramblings. If anyone will take time to read this, please leave a comment.

Author: Million Shades

Anonymity gives me the freedom to write about everything.

Million Shades currently keeps a blog called Million Shades of Life.

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