True Photographers Have Rare Images

Posted on 4/12/13 8:17 PM

Being a Photographer, many curious people ask me these related questions: "What genre is your specialization?" and "What is your favorite Photography subject?" The first instances I was asked these questions, I could not reply quickly.  I dug inside myself groping for the answer, but I could not find a "favorite" or "specialization." I am as thrilled to shoot models as bugs on a leaf, as excited to setup my tripod to capture that glorious sunrise as to capture that candid moments of a wedding.

I have come to realize that I don't have a specialization. But so that I don't sound like I am not a serious Photographer, I would reply that I shoot weddings, events, fashion and portraits, only because of the fact that I earn from shooting in this categories, and that I am speaking to a potential client.  After all, as a Professional Photographer, we have to earn a living, too.  Love of art seldom put food on the table.

Early morning dewdrops

In my heart, I believe that the true Photographer shoots anything that piques his interest, whether that thing is small as a dew drop on a spider's web, as mundane as the remnants of picnic food, or as big and grand as the colorful sunset on God's canvass. He sees the potential for a great story-in-image while others see only a blank wall. Where other photographers fail to trod, he beats the path in search of the best possible perspectives to present the subject and the story. He doesn't march with the majority because he knows that where there is majority, there is mediocrity.

"Taken." A model poses for a shot

Therefore, while I showcase the kind of images that are popular with my friends and acquaintances--for example, I share a lot of photos of models because many in my contacts are photographers too and love to look at model shots--I am also compelled by my passion to take images of subjects that may not be as appealing to majority of the viewers, but to me, tells a more interesting story.

Remnants of a crab after a picnic

I'm convinced that this compelling force, i.e., the passion for using the camera as a tool to tell stories, coupled with a trained artistic eye that enables a photographer to present the subject in an interesting light, are what separates the true photographers from the rest.  And they are also the reasons why true photographers have rare images.

Author: Robert E. Regala, CPA

God provides

Robert Regala is the Chief Photographer of The Great PICS Studio. He is an unconventional wedding, fashion/glam, events, and landscape photographer. He left Smart Communications, Inc in 2010 to teach Accounting subjects at the University of Northern Philippines.

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