Senatorial Wannabes: The OTHERS (Part 3)

Posted on 4/12/13 10:40 PM

PART 3: Para sa Karaniwang Tao: Teodoro “Teddy” Casiño
Part 4

“Because I think I can do good there. Because this is a good opportunity to push the envelope for social change and such opportunities should not be wasted.” said Teodoro “Teddy” Casiño, a Filipino politician, writer and journalist, when asked on his reasons for running in this year’s senate bid.

Casiño, born on November 16, 1968 is from Davao City and a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Sociology at UP Los Baños. His political career started in 1994 as a Public Information Director of the Kilusang Mayo Uno Labor Center, he was also the Commissioner of the EDSA People Power Commission in 2001 until 2003, and he was a columnist in Business World from 1994 to 2004. At present, he is the Bayan Muna party-list representative and the Secretary-general of the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan.

Being a representative for quite some time led Casiño into authoring some laws and bills, among which are the Public Attorneys Act of 2007 (R.A. 9406), Tax Relief Act of 2009 (R.A. 9504), Rent Control Act of 2009 (R.A. 9653), Anti-Torture Act of 2009 (R.A. 9745), Removal of VAT on power (HB 2719), oil (HB 1630) and toll fees (HB 5303) and the regulation of oil prices (HB 4355), mobile phone services (HB 5653), tuition fees (HB 1961) and interest rates (HB 4917). 

His stand on the issue of the K-12 program is defiant saying that the additional 2 years will burden families; as such quality of education should just be improved. On the other hand, he pushes for a nationalist budget that will aid in the agricultural and industrial growth in the country while providing for the basic needs of Filipinos.

Given the chance to win a seat in this upcoming election, he will push for the following legislative agenda: A law on agrarian reform to ensure land, equipment, subsidies and other forms of support to farmers to uplift them from poverty and attain food security, a law on the development of local industries (from small enterprises to big factories) to create adequate jobs and provide living wages to workers, a law to lower the prices of electricity, water, and oil through the removal of the VAT and scrapping of EPIRA and the Oil Deregulation Law, and a law to rescind the privatization of public hospitals, water districts, and other social services. “My platform is about your right to live decently through affordable means and quality governance through accountability.” said Casiño.

With the familiar agenda set by an experienced man, will you seat him? Click this.

Author: Mae Charity PeBenito Lopez

Have fun while your sun is up. Be serious and don't easily give up. Because soon you'll reap all those blessings in His time. GOD planned for everything.

She is a BS Accountancy student of Saint Louis College.

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