Posted on 4/12/13 7:51 PM

“No matter how harsh life may be…
Love will find a way to set us free…”

I loved him. Yes, I did. Actually, he was my first love, my first dance and my first romance. He was the most perfect and most wonderful thing that had happened in my life. A gentleman, he was sweet, respectful and comforting and most especially, he had a heart that loves truly. Every second spent with him was magic. One wonderful evening, we wrote our names among the stars as we sealed a promise, a promise to keep each other inside our hearts no matter what life may bring. I loved him and he did love me. We faced every downfall and we stood up together. We were perfect. We were in love.

But selfish fate took him away from me. At the time I was loving him the most, an agonizing tragedy happened. My love, my one and only was accidentally shot by a stray bullet and what really broke my heart was that he was found along the sidewalk, though bleeding and unconscious, he still held tight an engagement ring in his hand. Supposedly, he would be asking my hand for marriage for he asked me to wait for him at the place where we considered our sanctuary. At that merciless time, I was waiting, not knowing that he’d never arrive. The news about his death was excruciating. My whole world became forlorn. All my defenses broke down. Everything was gloomy and blue. I was wasted. I became weak. As He took him in His arms, I also surrendered my heart because I would never feel love the same way I felt when he was still alive for he would never be replaced.

Almost 5 years already came across me yet I remained unmoved. However, I learned to love someone. Someone who perfectly reminds me of him. Someone who makes me feel that I am never alone. Someone who showers grace to my dull world. I love him. I love my son, OUR son, the most heartfelt remembrance I have. He brought back the smile I lost since my love died. As I looked at the most precious gift, my love crossed my mind and it made me smile because anyhow, our moments were worthwhile.

As many years passed by, my baby boy grew. His fine feature was breathtaking. It was as if God gave back what He took from me long ago, the one who wrote my name among the stars and promised to love me forever. Tears fell down my eyes as my young lad smiled at me.

Now, I am a woman at the age of 65. My son is all grown up. It is not proper to call him baby boy because he is already a man, a man full of hope, love and dream. I’m proud of what he become. He is now ready to live his life in his own way.

 The day of my son’s wedding arrives. All are happy and light. His wife to be is beautiful and alluring as she walks down the aisle. She is an angel and my son loves her so much. Those long lost bittersweet moments with my love rapidly flashes back as my son hold the hand of his beloved behalf while letting go of mine. Tears fall down my eyes, not because I’m sad but I am happy for my son will experience the moment of love how I wish I also did. My chapter of romance has come to its end. My first love, wherever you are, let our son and his wife continue our love left hanging.

Author: Regine Marie Bayle Pias

Never give up

She is a BS Accountancy student of Northwester University.

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