2012-2013: A setback to Filipino Boxing

Posted on 4/15/13 6:29 PM

Donaire vs. Rigondeaux
Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire failed to win his fight over Guilermo Rigondeaux at 122-pound division. Donaire, with the WBA and WBO super bantamweight at stake, lost the clash – unanimously outpointed, 144-113, 115-112, and 116-111.

Rigondeaux ostensibly has dominated the early rounds. With extraordinary hand speed, Rigondeaux has able to throw straight left counter punches to Donaire. Donaire although not so many, carried out body punches to Rigondeaux.

“This is boxing – I got him right away,” Rigodeaux said.

The action got quite still in the mid of the fight. Rigodeaux, however, sustains while making defensive countering to Donaire.

In the 10th round, with a short right hook to Rigodeaux, Donaire looked as if it firstly knock the opponent down making the crowd to be in frenzy; but, Benjy Esteves, the referee, declared it only to be a slip. Although almost seemed to be a revenge, Donaire hasn’t able to follow up letting Rigondeuax to get up from his downfall immediately. 

During the final round, Rigondeuax holds back into rhythm punishing Donaire with three solid left and series of punches along the rope.  With the bell ringing, Donaire is seen with his right eye swollen shut.

Filipino Boxing: A sudden collapse?

First is Pacquiao. Then comes Viloria. Now another from Donaire.

Why do our professional boxers seem to decline and end no winnings this time? 

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, in June last year, encountered a career setback to Timothy Bradley, and just a few months after, suffered the ultimate knockdown from Juan Manuel Marquez.

Although perceive that results are nothing but to be altered, the judges on Pacman-Tim fight stand firmly that posted scores are fair and just for both fighters. Top rank promoter Bob Arum, however, believes that it must be Pacquiao who should win the fight.

Similarly, Pacquiao was unsuccessful to bring back the Filipino pride and was being defeated in the sixth round ending at 2:59 by his mortal opponent Dinamita through a crushing right hand. With his face first going down, Pacquiao gradually lay on the floor being unconscious and eventually moves up considerably recovering. Although reflected as a non-title bout, Pacquiao put at stake his name; and, from being a pound-for-pound king, down to rank 6 in the standing. It even raises doubts over his future.

Reason foreseen why Pacman fails his fights is that he underdid preparations and trainings. Due to so many extras – being an actor, politician and even being a leader of a religious group, Pacquiao went out of focus. Pacquiao shifted into new fighting style that is not perfected.

Promoters are expecting for a rematch. Some are thinking of a battle versus Floyd Mayweather. Or, after two consecutive overthrows, shouldn’t he need to wear those gloves off at least for a short while and take temporary shutdown, or better, rest for good? Besides, he has no more to prove. Winning in eight title divisions already prove his worth. Money?...He almost has it all.

Brian “The Hawaiian Punch” Viloria, on the other hand, receive another failure as he was defeated by Mexican boxer Juan Francisco Estrada for the WBO Flyweight Championship Title Bout at Macao S.A.R., China last April 6, 2013. Although Viloria came to be people’s choice, he (32-4) lost his title in a 12-round split decision against Estrada (23-2) with final scores 111-116, 115-113 and 111-117.

Amongst all of his matches, nothing is actually worth awaiting. Considering his styles in boxing, he almost gets into position of hardly beating the other contingents. If not winning into split decision, Viloria instead do not prevail in the fight. Nothing is more than expected but a boring fight. Comparing to other boxers, he is a fighter of no stability.

Donaire, who has been undefeated since 2011, ceases from winning the title in the boxing arena. 

Donaire is in the professional boxing for so many years unlike Rigondeaux who is just about to get start. Donaire with his experiences as a boxer could almost defend his title and get the WBA super bantamweight. But, to say that he did not study the fight, it must be the one that calls for attention. Rigondeaux is just an amateur in the top rank. Imagine how he undergo disciplinary training just dethrone Donaire?

Our Filipino boxers are getting too much confident even turning into point that they seemed to underestimate their opponent. While their rivals are hectic to studying their moves, thinking for possible counter attack, our PRIDES are just becoming lax. 

In his fight against Rigondeaux, Donaire admitted that he failed to study Rigondeaux’s fighting styles.

“I apologize. I wanted to deliver. During the last two rounds, I got stupid. I didn’t do my job. I didn’t use my jab and go to my left. I have no excuse. He beat me tonight. I gave it all I got. I never studied the fight and I should have,” Donaire said.

If given the chance for another rematch to Marquez or even a fight to Floyd Mayweather, Pacman should be more focused. No need to be sorry. If aiming to bring back his remarkable legendary career, Pacquiao should win either of the fights. Viloria, in a way, should be more aggressive in his fights. Like his first debut as boxer defeating his opponent by just a hard punch in the first round, Viloria should do more the same to bring the impact over his name. Donaire, from his first conquest over the past twelve years, must win his next fight to prevent his career from totally degrading.

Author: Bryan Viloria

Never aim high neither expect high.

He is the Director of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants - University of Northern Philippines Chapter Instruction Committee.

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