AI season 12: 'Music of the Beatles'

TOP 9. American Idol season 12's March 20 (March 21 MNL) episode is all about the Beatles. Photo from the American Idol Facebook pageTOP 9. American Idol season 12's March 20 (March 21 MNL) episode is all about the Beatles. Photo from the American Idol Facebook page

On March 20 (March 21 MNL) the 9 finalists of American Idol season 12 performed song choices from the John Lennon-Paul McCartney songbook, classic melodies from the two Beatles legends.

Curtis Finch Jr was eliminated in the first week of the top 10 finals. 

During the episode, it was also revealed that America voted for Aubrey Cleland to take the 11th spot on the “Idols” tour. She had competed against Charlie Askew in the March 13 (March 14 MNL) episode.

Here are the night’s performances (in no particular order):

1. Kree Harrison: “With A Little Help From My Friends”
Keith: That was a great way to start. She has a way of performing and singing. She is bluesy and soulful.
Nicki: She adores that she always puts her “Kree-dom” on it. She loves her entire look and is becoming a superstar.
Randy: He thought it was the bomb performance and they all love her.
Mariah: She thought it was fan-freaking-tastic and clearly amazing.

2. Burnell Taylor: “Let It Be"
Keith: He comes from such a soulful place.
Nicki: He didn’t sing the song, he caressed it. He was delicate with it. She felt like she was in church.
Randy: He didn’t know it and look at what he did to it. He made it his own.
Mariah: He gave a genuine, heartfelt performance and he is always consistent.

3. Amber Holcomb: “She’s Leaving Home”
Keith: She made it sound fresh as if it were recorded last week.
Nicki: Her vocal is unmatched and amazing.
Randy: It started slow and unsure, but she found her rhythm.
Mariah: She loved it and Amber did a beautiful job.

4. Lazaro Arbos: “In My Life”
Keith: It was a beautiful key for him.
Nicki: She feels like he’s not back to the Lazaro she remembers. His confidence is different.
Randy: It was his worst performance ever and it was out of tune. Where did the vocals go?
Mariah: She commends his bravery and she’s proud of him. It was low for him.

5. Candice Glover: “Come Together”
Keith: He loves seeing her in this whole other vibe. Her range is out in the stratosphere.
Nicki: She loves her vocal, but sometimes she wants her to “wear it in her face”.
Randy: Her voice is crazy! She owns it because she’s got it.
Mariah: It was like a prized fighter. She murdered this song.

6. Paul Jolley: “Eleanor Rigby”
Keith: He wasn’t a fan of the falsetto note at the end. It had a pop/rock edge to it.
Nicki: She didn’t like the performance because it was safe, bland and forgettable.
Randy: He was disconnected from the song and never got into it.
Mariah: It was a great song choice. He needs to give emotion when he’s at the top of his range.

7. Angie Miller: “Yesterday”
Keith: Watching her perform the song, he could hear Jimmy’s voice in her head.
Nicki: Unbelievably amazing. She had a good key that showed her range. She is amazing.
Randy: She’s one of his favorites in this competition. She held back and emoted from her heart.
Mariah: It was a respectful version of the song. She showed her voice. 

8. Devin Velez: “The Long and Winding Road”
Keith: He is missing an emotional connecting. His heart needs to be in there to engage him.
Nicki: She likes that he’s committed emotionally all of the time. It’s very truthful.
Randy: Devin is back tonight!
Mariah: He never ceases to amaze her and she doesn’t have words. It was so good.

9. Janelle Arthur: “I Will”
Keith: SHe has this country thing in her voice that’s always present. It was beautiful.
Nicki: That performance made her fall much more obsessed with her. She is great.
Randy: That was one of the best performances of the night. The subtleties speak louder than the voice.
Mariah: She’s been listening to what the judges have been saying. She gave an elegant performance.

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