AI season 12: 'Music of the American Idols'

On March 13 (March 14 MNL), American Idol season 12's Top 10 performed song choices based on the theme "Music of the American Idols."

According to, this required them to "step into the footsteps of a memorable former contestant." 

Image from the American Idol Facebook pageImage from the American Idol Facebook page

Here are the night's performances (in no particular order):

1. Curtis Finch Jr: “I Believe” by Fantasia

Keith: He has a lot of personality and energy. He likes his look.
Randy: He likes it but wants to see more from him.
Mariah: She liked the choir feeling of the performance but wants more of the gospel tinge with more chances. 

2. Janelle Arthur: “Gone” by Montgomery Gentry (previously performed by Scotty McCreery)

Keith: She was burning it up there. He likes the runs and thought it was great.
Nicki: She hopes she has more confidence now, but wants songs that show the pretty part of her voice.
Randy: It just didn't go anywhere for him.
Mariah: She loves her raw quality and personality, so she wants to see a ballad. She thinks she did and looked great.

3. Devin Velez: “Temporary Home” by Carrie Underwood

Keith: He needs to find a balance, but he loves his voice.
Nicki: This is his comfort zone and is glad he didn't do Spanish.
Randy: It was too safe.
Mariah: He has the ability, so they expect more from him. 
4. Angie Miller: "I Surrender" by Celine Dion (previously performed by Kelly Clarkson)

Keith: She can make everything feel current and it is gorgeous to hear this range.
Nicki: She looks like a billion dollars and she is styled so well. She is perfection.
Randy: The competition started right now. She is in it to win it.
Mariah: Stellar!

5. Paul Jolley: “Amazed” by Lonestar (previously performed by Scotty McCreery)

Keith: This is one of his better performances.
Nicki: He stimulated her sexual appetite. All righty then. He did it justice tonight. Great job!
Randy: Great song and he can tell he listens to what he is being told. Very nice.
Mariah: She likes it but hopes he doesn't hold back.  

6. Candice Glover: “I Who Have Nothing” by Ben E. King (previously performed by Jordin Sparks)

Keith: He LOVES HER!!!!
Nicki: Her favorite performance of hers....EVER.
Randy: It had everything and it was perfect.
Mariah: She is transfixed watching her.

7. Lazaro Arbos: “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson

Keith: He isn't sure about it.
Nicki: sjhe calls him a cuddly Ricky Ricardo and says it was her least favorite performance.
Randy: Not his best.
Mariah: She thinks America is falling in love. She thinks he could have done better with a different song.

8. Kree Harrison: “Crying” by Roy Orbison (previously performed by Carrie Underwood)

Keith: She can sing the phone book and he would love it. He wants to buy her album.
Nicki: Something about waffles....
Randy: He feels good all over when she sings.
Mariah: She can't wait to hear her sing again.

9. Amber Holocomb: "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson

Keith: He loves the song for her and thinks it was effortless.
Nicki: Best performance of the night. She compares her to Whitney.
Randy: He loved it!!!
Mariah: #POW

10. Burnell Taylor: "Flying Without Wings" by Westlife (previously performed by Ruben Studdard)

Keith: That was great tonight.
Nicki: She loves it and good job.
Randy: A great song and good job. He raised it up for the dudes.
Mariah: He is very unique and could go all the way.

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