‘Kanta Pilipinas’ Top 24 Finalists – Up Close and Personal (Video)

Get to know the life story of each of the 24 finalists of Kanta Pilipinas via their video profiles.

Gian Carlo Baldonido
Gian is a warm, caring and friendly yuppie from Singapore who does not stop reaching for dreams even after finding out he has a stage 2 brain cancer. He’s never joined any singing contests before but since it is included on his bucket list, Gian did not waste time to try his luck in Kanta Pilipinas.

Chadleen Lacdo-o
With her pretty face and the privilege of being the international singing ambassador of Operation Smile, who would have thought that Chadleen was born with cleft palate? This daddy’s girl had her first operation when she was 22 months old. Four years later, she became Operation Smile’s ambassador, as she identifies closely with the organization’s cause. Chadleen wanted to pursue her singing career for her family. (READ THIS STORY HERE) ALSO READ: Two Iglesia Ni Cristo members in their musical career

Allan Gonzales
Allan is a young singer and a piano player whose family recently migrated to the US. He had Bilateral Retinoblastoma or cancer of both eyes, which took away his sight. However, this did not hinder Allan to pursue his passion for music and share his talent especially with his church’s junior choir. He will do what it takes to prove to the world that he can do it despite his disability.

Video profile for Gian, Chadleen and Allan:

Gregory Llamoso
Gregory Llamoso grew up listening to great Jazz crooning vocalists Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Bublé due to his grandfather’s influence.Gregory’s choice of songs is a voice that evokes his passion for life and his edgy sense of humanity and romance. He is already making waves with his fresh take on Jazz standard songs.This motivates him to never stop believing that someday he will also be a famous Crooner. 

Raz Mendoza
So-called party girl Raz wants to prove that she can be disciplined and poised as well. She is a daddy’s girl with a good sense of humor and oftentimes straightforward and boyish. She can’t live without a boyfriend and whenever she becomes single, she immediately finds a way to date another guy or just even hook up with one.

Dea Formilleza
Dea is a charming Davaoena who wants to prove that she is more than a pretty face. She grew up in a musically-inclined family who enjoys bonding over jam sessions. Her dad plays the piano, Dea and her mother on vocals while his two brothers play the guitar. Her motto in life: there’s no impossible dream!

Video profile for Gregory, Raz and Dea:

The love for music inspired Herbert, Rex, John, Bryan and Mick to form their singing group and to try their luck in joining Kanta Pilipinas. For them, being finalists allows them the opportunity to deepen and strengthen their friendship while they reach their dream of stardom. 

Nicole and Carlo David
Nicole and Carlo are the children of jazz artist Mon David, who is now based in the US. Because they are the only ones in the family left in the Philippines, the siblings are usually close to one another: They finish each other’s sentences, they have the same group of friends with same interests and they can share everything to each other. And since they don’t look alike, they are often mistaken as a couple.

Daniel Grospe & JB Landrito
Daniel and JB decided to team up just to join Kanta Pilipinas. They live life casually despite the adversities they previously experienced. Both are proud to have come from colorful backgrounds that shape them into the men they are now. Will their similarities bring them closer to their dream of winning Kanta Pilipinas, or will subtle nuances tear the duo apart?

Video profile for 5Az1, Nicole and Carlo, Daniel & JB:

Timothy Pavino
Filipino American Tim decided to stay in the Philippines to take care of his grandmother who has cancer. He is a lola’s boy and has a complicated relationship with his mother. He loves to cook, knows Nihonggo and has a self-produced album.

Janeth Gomez
Singing contest veteran Janeth may only be 17 years old but she too has faced heartbreak. Last year, she found out through Facebook that her father has a second family in Riyadh. The issue was settled and accepted by her family but what really that bothers her is her father’s conversion to Islam.

Ricky Deloviar
A rakista from Iloilo who will do anything to achieve his dream, Ricky decided to join Knta Pilipinas go help provide for his family. Sadly, his girlfriend (who he confesses is his biggest fan) died of Leukemia just before he auditioned for show. Will his heartbreak affect his chances of winning the competition?

Video profile for Timothy, Janneth, Ricky:

Thara Jordana
Commercial model Thara was born to a Spanish father and a Cebuana mother, who split up when she was 15 years old. Thara’s father now has another family but she is closer to his father’s new wife than with her own mother. She does not believe in marriage after all that had happened to their family.

Ferns Tosco
Boracay-based Ferns gained the reputation of being a tourist favorite during his time performing on the island. Her original composition “Island Called Boracay” is hailed as the island’s local anthem and her self-produced album has become a much-loved souvenir. She joined Kanta Pilipinas to share her love for music and to inspire others to be proud of our local talent.

Esther Martinez
Hailing from Surigao, Esther dreams of coming to Manila to look for her father who is seeking treatment for a psychological condition. Since the time Esther discovered her singing talent, she did not hesitate to join different singing contests in order for her to save money to be able to go to Manila and to find her father.

Video profile for Thara, Ferns, Esther:

Pia Diamante
Funny lady Pia is fond of impersonating Jessa Zaragoza and Ruffa Mae Quinto. Losing her father to another woman at a young age, she decided to help provide for her family’s needs. Pia looks at her career as a way by which she can give her family, especially her mother, the best she can afford. 

Rochelle Merced
Rochelle grew up in a broken home. This is the reason why she is not close to her parents, especially her father. She is a responsible single mother who works hard to provide for her child. Rochelle keeps a deep secret about her pregnancy.

Haizel Fernando
Haizel is a single mother who supports her family. When their father lost his job in Kuwait, they had to refrain from living in excessive luxury. Aside from pursuing her musical dreams, she also pursued modelling, until a fateful gathering that changed her life. 

Video profile for Pia, Rochelle, Haizel:

Adrian Tabaldo
Growing up in California, Adrian started singing at five years old as a front act in different Filipino shows in the U.S. His love for singing and the strong support of his aunt prompted him to join American Idol Season 6. However, he was not able to make it to the top. After such a painful experience, he decided to move to the Philippines to start a new life and focus on his studies. He joined Kanta Pilipinas to make his family proud especially his aunt who had recently passed away.

Jacob Gayanelo
For 10 years, part-Russian Jacob lived in Jakarta to pursue his showbiz dreams despite his family’s disapproval. This, however, hasn’t fazed the young looker from making it big. One can say that Jacob is under immense pressure–as his family has told him they would not support him anymore should he fail to make it as a star. 

Isaiah Antonio
This guitarist heartthrob enjoys uploading his videos on YouTube. Isaiah is considered as a miracle baby because his heartbeat came back affer a week while he was inside his mother’s womb. This Pokemon and Spiderman fan came from a family who owns the famous Salon de Manila and is geared towards making his own mark as a musician.

Video profile for Adrian, Jacob, Isaiah:

Allison Gonzales
Allison is a member of the country’s first female pop opera group Opera Belles. This pretty lady from Batangas started singing when she was 8 years old and was trained at the University of the Philippines Extension Program where she was introduced to opera and classical music.

Jeniffer Maravilla
Jeniffer is a member of Nu Born Divas – a girl group that made it to the Talentadong Pinoy grand finals. Jeniffer felt betrayed when she found out that her two former group mates joined a different talent reality show with a new member. But instead of getting mad, she wanted to prove to everyone that she can succeed on her own.

Zari Bilon
Zari is serious about making it big in the music industry that she prioritized her voice lessons over school. But she has had to deal with a traumatic experience when it comes to televised singing competitions, which rendered her inconsolable. This time, Zari will try her luck and prove to the world that she has what it takes to be the next singing sensation.

Video profile for Jennifer, Zari, Allison:

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