Cosmo Bachelors: What they find sexy

Cosmopolitan magazine's bachelors reveal what they find beautiful and sexy on girls. Take notes from these hot and handsome men: actors Alden Richards and Mikael Daez, and models and actors John James Uy and Ian Batherson.

Hair Apparent
Mikael Daez: "If I have a girlfriend, it's fine if she has long hair one day, and then has short hair on another day, and if she can pull it off, that is so sexy. It doesn't matter."

John James Uy: "Long. For me, if it's long, you can do anything with it."

Ian Batherson: "Long hair shows some sophistication. And it shows that a girl knows what she wants in life. It shows that a girl is sure of herself. It's also simple."

Alden Richards: "It's hotter when girls have longer hair, especially when it's a bit curled."

Keep It Natural
Mikael Daez: "I love the natural look. When you're with a girl, you don't see a girl fully made up everyday. You're not going to watch a movie and be fully made up! I like girls who know how to pull off the au naturel look."

John James Uy: "You see the real beauty when they have no makeup on."

Ian Batherson: "It shows that simpleng tao siya. And I think mas lower maintenance."

Alden Richards: "Natural, of course. For me, makeup is a mask to hide imperfections but nobody is perfect. I want all natural sa isang girl because that shows everything... her imperfections—and that shows real beauty."

Go Figure

Mikael Daez: "I like cocktail dresses that hug the body. It really shows off the shape and curves. So I guess I like girls who have curves."

John James Uy: "I like girls who are sexy and curvy. It's more woman-like!"

Ian Batherson: "Thin and sexy, with some curves."

Alden Richards: "Sexy and curvaceous. I don't like girls who are skin and bones--the anorexic type of skinny. It's better if girls don't diet too much. Sometimes they get weight-conscious and it gets in the way of life. Weight is really an issue for women but for me it doesn't matter. As long as you maintain a physically fit body then it's okay."

Denim Love

Mikael Daez: "If a girl is wearing denim shorts or jeans, they're going to match me because I always wear denim. Either one is sexy for me."

John James Uy: "Honestly, all men's weakness is denim shorts. Women are just so hot when they wear denim shorts."

Ian Batherson: "Denim shorts is awesome! I love that."

Alden Richards: "Denim shorts for girls. I like long-legged girls."

Showing Skin
John James Uy: "If women show too much skin, there won't be any mystery left. If they look good wearing prim and proper dresses and not showing too much skin, you can really see their beauty from there."

Alden Richards: "If I have a girlfriend, I wouldn't let her wear something too revealing in public like super short shorts. I have the highest respect for women and others should respect them, too."

Ian Batherson: "Showing a bit of skin is not a bad thing as long as it's in good taste."

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