Sex Alphabet

A is for abstinence

What is it: voluntarily not engaging in sexual activity
Kicking off a sex A-Z with the least sexy word going may seem dumb, but according to a study 79 per cent of US parents want teens to be taught that they should not engage in sexual activity until they are married or at least in an adult relationship leading to marriage.

B is for booty call

What is it: a summons for casual and typically late-night sex
Although booty calls certainly happened in the past, texting has helped make late-night sex requests more achievable. A study at the University of Iowa also states that 'a significant percentage of current relationships began with nonromantic sex.'

C is for cyber sex

What is it: chatting to someone about sex online
Cyber sex is a fun, non-committed way to get a bit of a thrill without risking too much. You may think that men would be more interested in cyber sex, but according to a study about married and single people it turns out women are more likely to send sexy pics than blokes.

D is for doggy style

What is it: a sex position where the man takes the woman from behind
Doggy style is perhaps the most unromantically named sex position, but it does have its perks. This position is perfect for women who are looking to reach orgasm because it lets men hit women’s three hot spots at the same time.

E is for edible underwear

What is it: underwear that men and women wear that can be eaten 
Turning yourself into an edible treat can be a lot of fun for you and your partner and it will also satisfy your sweet tooth. According to sex shop owners the most popular flavoured edible underwear is cherry and the least popular is chocolate.
Sex A-Z

F is for foreplay

What is it: sexual activity that typically leads to sexual intercourse
Can you have too much foreplay? Although your first reaction may be no, it would seem that for some women too much attention to her “special spot” can cause numbness or discomfort. To avoid this foreplay nightmare don’t just stimulate the clitoris in one way – mix it up.   

G is for G spot

What is it: a small bean-shaped area within the vagina
Named after the gynaecologist who discovered it, Ernst Grafenberg, the G Spot has been a highly controversial and somewhat mysterious bit of biology. Researchers still dispute the G Spots existence and there are even claims that some women have them, whilst others do not.

H is for hiberdating

What is it: when someone ditches their friends when they are dating
We all know a hiberdater; that annoying friend who falls for someone and completely ditches everyone they know.  Don’t worry though everyone, apparently after two years, six months and 25 days the romance officially dies and your friend will probably come crawling back.

I is for it’s complicated

What is it: a status describing a state between friends and a relationship
It’s complicated – the status that is as awkward as a fifteen year old shopping with their mother. Facebook have kindly allowed you to broadcast this most uneasy of relationship statuses with their “It’s Complicated” status, and for that we would like to thank them.

J is for jackhammer

What is it: a sex position
For this sex acrobatic trick the man needs to stand up or kneel and lift the woman’s legs, holding them around her shins so that her feet are behind him. The woman supports herself with her arms and she is titled up towards him. This move makes for some very intense sex.

K is for kinky

What is it: participating in deviant sexual acts
The word kinky covers all manners of sins. To some, the word conjures images of hardcore latex and chains. To others, kinky could just mean wearing a pair of tight, fluffy pink knickers. The word used to describe a non-kinky guy or girl is vanilla.

L is for love eggs

What is it: vibrating sex toys that are usually used by women for sexual pleasure
A lot of women would never admit to owning love eggs or a sex toy, but US researchers have found that one in every two women owns a kinky toy or two. Even when financial times are bad, sales of sex toys continues to rise.

M is for massage

What is it: rubbing and kneading another’s muscles
Massage is an easy way to make your partner feel great. At first, you could ask them to take a hot shower to relax them. Light a relaxing, scented calendar and use some aromatherapy oil too. Then rub, knead and touch your partner and remember to ask them what they like.

N is for nipple sucker

What is it: a sex toy attached to the nipples to create a sucking sensation
Something that clamps around your nipple sounds intimidating, but they simply create a vacuum over the nipple and make the area more sensitive. Be warned though, if you use a nipple clamp the size of your nipple can be permanently increased.

O is for online dating

What is it: a system that allows you to find and communicate to a date online
Gone are the days when online dating was for the cursed and socially awkward. Everyone’s doing it these days. In fact in just one month Hitwise said that online dating sites had 593 million hits in the United States alone.

P is for pillow lust

What is it: when people become so tired that going to bed seems almost sexually exciting
Between work, exercising, shopping and mates it can be hard to find the energy for sex. A survey reveals that more than half of all men are so tired after work that they would rather have an extra hours sleep than have sex.

Q is for quickie

What is it: a hard and fast sex session that does not last very long
Three minute wonders are rarely romantic or meaningful, but they can be very enjoyable and also practical. The stand and deliver sex position is ideal for a quickie. The man stands up and the woman hooks her legs over the man’s waist. Be warned, this position is not for the weak armed.

R is for rampant rabbit

What is it: a sex toy that vibrates and rotates and is shaped like a rabbit
Do you know why it is shaped like a rabbit? In Japan, where the rampant rabbit was created, it was illegal to make a sex toy shaped like a penis. So the ingenious creators opted to mimic the shape of the notoriously horny animal – the rabbit.

S is for spanking

What is it: smacking someone’s behind with your hand or a paddle
This saucy taboo turns people on in lots of different ways. Firstly, because it is just that: a taboo. Secondly, it increases blood flow to the sensitive parts of your body and so it also heightens sexual arousal.

T is for Tweet-ditched

What is it: someone finishing with you on Twitter
Things have moved on since Sex and the City when Carrie got dumped on a post-it. These days the pain has been magnified and made public with the Tweet-ditch. Example: “@boyfriend you are dumped #letsstillbefriends.” Ouch!

U is for ursusagalmatophilia

What is it: the name given to the fetish for teddy bears
Lock up Mr Panda and Mrs Snuffles, the teddy bears are not safe.  It would seem that a small percentage of the human race have a thing for teddies. Ursuagalmatophiles seem to get turned on by the innocence of the teddy.

V is for Venus

What is it: the mythological goddess of love and beauty
Venus was a saucy minx. She had lots of lovers including Mars, Adonis and Vulcan. Venus also was the mother to that infamous love baby:  Cupid. Did you also know that Venus and Aphrodite refer to the same goddess? Venus was Roman, whilst Aphrodite was the Greek goddess.

W is for wet dream

What is it: a nocturnal emission; or ejaculating when asleep
Although wet dreams are typically associated with teenagers, men may still have them during their 20’s and 30’s.  Here are some fun facts for you: the average teenager has four erections every night and wet dreams happen more at the weekend.

X is for Xena the Princess Warrior

What is it: a fantasy involving the hot Princess Warrior called Xena
Xena the Princess Warrior is a bad-ass, sci-fi chick who can sort out the bad boys with a swish of her short leather skirt. If Xena turns you on, then there are loads of Xena the Princess Warrior costumes for sale so the sexual fantasy can become a reality. 

Y is for yuri

What is it: lesbian sexual relationships in anime
If you can’t picture what yuri is like, imagine that the Power Puff Girls and Pokemon have just turned erotic. Some popular yuri anime films include:  Strawberry Panic, Maria-Sama Ga Miteru, Shin Koihime Musou.

Z is for zelophilia

What is it: a condition when people become sexually aroused from jealousy
Everyone gets jealous from time to time, but it’s not so common to hear about people getting aroused by envy. Sufferers can seek treatment in various ways including psychoanalysis, hypnosis, behaviour therapy and cognitive therapy.

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