The Next Chief Justice: JBC Live Public Interview Day 1

The live coverage of the Judicial And Bar Council Interviews for The Chief Justice Nominees begins today.

This is the first time the JBC is allowing the live coverage of the vetting process. The interviews began at 9 this morning with 6 nominees up for grilling.
(Refresh every few minutes for updates)
PCGG chairman Andres Bautista was interviewed first.


-Age: 48
-Chairman, Presidential Commission on Good Government
-Member, Consultative Commission formed to propose amendments to the 1987 Constitution (2005)

-President, Shang Properties Inc.
-Chief Executive Officer, Kuok Group Philippines
-Chairman/President, Philippine Association of Law Schools
-Dean, Institute of Law, Far Eastern University

-Master of Laws, Harvard Law School, 1993
-Bar topnotcher, 1991
-Class Valedictorian, Ateneo Law, 1990
-Legal Management, Ateneo de Manila University, 1986
We shouldn't lose sight of our larger objective: overhaul an ineffective, inefficient, and inadequate justice system.
I shudder when I think about the financial & economic repercussions all these (court) delays have caused.
To address the issues of corruption & competence, the SC (should) mount a campaign to recruit the best lawyers.
When we came in, the PCGG was ineffective and inadequate. We had to restore credibility, increase transparency.
I think it's high time that the SC open up its operations & receive constructive feedback from the public.
The rules of court should be amended so the filing of frivolous cases should be minimized.
Judges should be encouraged to write shorter decisions & use language that non-lawyer parties can understand.
First thing, I'll get good people -- competent & honest people. Corruption will be minimized.
Bautista says "radical" solutions needed to address delays in judiciary
Being a judge was a position of honor. These days, it seems that is no longer a priority of law students.
Bautista believes there should be a 7-year term limit for Chief Justice
The SC is seen sometimes as a mystery. 'Sunlight is the best disinfectant.' Open it up & credibility will be restored.
Bautista's top 3 priorities if appointed: HR overhaul, case congestion & delays, lead by example
Bautista says SC should have prerogative on which landmark cases should be taken up en banc, to avoid congestion and delay
Our laws should have a preferential option for the poor, marginalized.
An outsider can provide new ideas, perspectives in the way SC functions; can give breath of fresh air to SC
Bautista to inhibit from PCGG cases if he becomes CJ
Tupas asks Bautista if plagiarism is an impeachable offense. Bautista: Ang hirap pala dito... (laughs). I'd probably say it is not
We have to look at circumstances & intent


- Used to be Exec. Dir. & Usec., Minerals Development Council (2006)

- Masters of Law, Harvard Law School and University of Michigan
- Doctorate, University of Michigan
- Passed the 1969 Bar (85.52%)
- Law degree from University of the Philippines

I think JBC should have alternatives rather than be limited to known people
An outsider looking in can contribute to a more efficient judiciary
Writ of Kalikasan is implementing constitutional policy to protect environment, a role SC should actively pursue
I am for gender equality but there's always a glass ceiling for women. It appears invisible until you reach the top
De Castro says she will work double time if appointed CJ. She has only 3 years to serve

De Castro says long-term solution needed to solve corruption in judiciary, suggest need to imbibe values in lawyers, law students

De Castro on whether she can endure the demands of CJ: Doctors say I'm fit to work
If a criminal commits heinous crimes, death is too merciful for him. Life sentence would be better.
I don't have to lead other justices; they themselves are leaders. CJ leadership lies in running judiciary smoothly


- Age: 52
- Secretary of Justice since June 2010
-Gawad Lingkod Masa Awardee (2010)
-Excellent Public Servant Award, "Agent of Change" Awardee (2010)
-Election Lawyer

-Chairperson, Commission on Human Rights (May 2008- June 2010)
-Managing Partner, DE LIMA LAW FIRM (April 2007 to May 2008)
-Founding Partner, DE LIMA & MEÑEZ Law Offices (July 1998 to March 2007)
-Clerk/Secretary of the Tribunal, House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal, 1993 to 1995
-Professor of Law, San Beda College of Law, 1986-1994, 2006-2007 

- Placed 8th in 1985 Bar Exams
-Class Salutatorian, San Beda College of Law, 1985
- A.B. Major in History and Political Science, De La Salle University

I'm a bit tense, nervous. It's not easy to face your peers. My father is very ill. It pains me to leave his bedside.
Cases pending before IBP have not yet ripened into regular administrative cases
De Lima says she would not have accepted nomination if she felt beholden to Aquino, urges JBC to look at her track record
De Lima finds current application of sub judice rule questionable, says it tends to gag public discourse 

Illegal orders, decisions are not worthy of obedience
My "being young" is an advantage. I would have opportunity, energy & dynamism to institute reforms
Independence is a question of a person's character. People expect me to discharge mandate w/highest sense of independence
Admin's thrust for good governance & accountability is something I wish to inculcate in the judiciary
I did not defy the SC TRO. It was a matter of a former president hurriedly, prematurely trying to leave PH.
De Lima defends competence to become CJ, cites 'substantial experience' in CHR, DOJ   

Leading an institution is about determination to know exactly what institution needs, to put in place needed reforms
Minsan masyadong malambot ang puso ko pero grabe naman ang temper ko
I will not be happy if I am disqualified to be CJ but I will find out if there's an available remedy for it
De Lima confident disbarment case will be resolved in her favor amid questions on whether her case will be resolved in time   


- Age: 51
- Founding Dean, De La Salle University College of Law
- Bar member, Republic of the Philippines and State of Illinois
- Chairman, Free Legal Assistance Groups (FLAG)
- Specializes in human rights
- Executive Director, Diokno Law Center

- Special Counsel, Senate Blue Ribbon Committee
- Team leader and private prosecutor, Estrada impeachment trial
- Special Counsel, Development Bank of the Philippines

- B.A. in Philosophy, University of the Philippines
- Juris Doctor of Laws, magna cum laude, Northern Illinois University College of Law

A good legal education would entail not just teaching students the skills needed, but also the values.
Diokno says foundation of legal education should be human rights
We suffer from a lack of judges. 26.9% of our trial courts have no judges.
Diokno says law students wanting to be judges should be offered a special track
Diokno wants greater participation from other sectors in JBC processes
One of the issues has to do with the SALNs of the CJ. I want a more transparent judiciary.
Diokno says there's no central record system determining whether those convicted are indeed in jail
Diokno wants better protection for whistleblowers & an end to flip-flopping in court decisions

A Chief Justice must be like a monk.
I'd look at the Constitution as a living document


-Age: 62
- Solicitor General since Feb. 20, 2012

-Deputy Ombudsman for Luzon (July 2011)
-SVP/General Legal Counsel, San Miguel Corporation (1996- 2010)
- Established the Jardeleza Law Offices, 1990

- Masters of Law, Harvard Law School, 1977
- Ranked 3rd in the 1975 Bar Exams
- Salutatorian, UP College of Law, 1974
- B.A. Political Science, UP Visayas

My vision for the judiciary is an independent branch of gov't that earns the trust of the people.
The ability to be able to stand up before SC & represent govt is a professional challenge & blessing
Opportunity to touch lives of others is satisfying. My 7mos in the Ombudsman has made me a better person, prepared me.
If appointed CJ, I will do my job with humility. I will learn from other justices
I have things to bring to the table from the private sector. I will fully adjust myself.
Jardeleza says if appointed, he will assure members of SC that he will do his work with humility and learn

When there's a conflict between the Constitution & acts of the executive, it's the duty of SC to enforce rule of law.
If the court keeps to its duty & to the limits of its powers, it can coexist with other branches of gov't
My judicial philosophy is based on the rule of law. The court should lead by example.  


- Professor, DLSU- College of Law
- Immediate President, U.P. Women Lawyers' Circle
- Sr. Vice President and Chief Legal Counsel, GSIS
- Founding Chair, Child Justice League
- Parangal ng Bayan Awardee (1999)
- Advocate of RH, Divorce Bills 

- Passed 1981 Bar (84.4%)
- Law Degree, University of the Philippines 
- History Major, University of Bristol, England (1975) 

- Used to work for Angara Abello Concepcion Regala and Cruz Law Offices (ACCRALAW) (1981- 1992)
- assisted in the prosecution of Cong. Romeo G. Jalosjos for statutory rape

Atty. Legarda says she can bring fairness & impartiality to SC
Atty. Legarda says she cleaned up GSIS law department, organized manpower
When judges and court personnel know the axe will fall, corruption may be addressed
The concept of restorative justice will bring back a lot of goodwill in the courts.
Atty. Legarda says her greatest frustration as a lawyer is delay in the courts  
Atty. Legarda says she has no regrets in the cases she's handled. 'I treat people as fairly as possible.'
Atty. Legarda says charges against Corona were not really impeachable offenses
(If appointed) I hope I can persuade present SC justices that I'm not there to spy on them or report any shenanigans  
Atty. Legarda says LGUs have to be persuaded to build facilities for juvenile delinquents & give them therapy
Atty. Legarda in favor of age-appropriate sex education, citing rise in teenage pregnancies
I don't understand the resistance to a divorce law other than that the Catholic Church doesn't want it passed  
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