Eat Bulaga Indonesia - The First Franchise of Eat Bulaga

"Eat Bulaga," the Philippines' longest running noontime variety show, will have its first overseas version in Indonesia.

Starting this Monday, July 16, 2012, "Eat Bulaga Indonesia" will air live on SCTV network at 4 pm.

The Indonesian TV station describes its new show as "definitely fun and contains a lot of funny games that are positive, touching, and surely exciting."

The variety show will be hosted by Uya Kuya, Nardji, Reza Bukan, and Farid Aja and will have indoor and outdoor segments.
According Harsiwi Achmad, the program is in addition to entertaining, it also contains elements of education, spread positive values ​​and get closer to it with the community. "So in addition to entertaining yet also entertaining education, fun but touchy. So we want this program a success as the Filipinos who can be seen for 33 years," said Director of Programs and Production at Studio Penta SCTV, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakart Friday (13/7) evening.

"Eat Bulaga Indonesia's" segments include Bolagaan, Karaoke Stud, Indonesia Genius and One For All, All For One, which are adaptations of the original Philippine version.

Confirmation from Eat Bulaga


The story behind Eat Bulaga Indonesia

The Indonesian franchise was something Tape Inc. executives didn’t plan at all.

“It was they (Indonesia’s Surya Citra Televisi or SCTV)) who approached us,” recalls Malou.  The program director Harsiwi Achmad has been watching “Bulaga” on YouTube even before he was not yet with SCTV. He studied the show closely and felt it will work in Indonesia. So when he moved to SCTV, he contacted a Filipino, Gerry de Guzman, who became the middleman between Indonesia and the Filipino 'Bulaga' executives.”

Malou recounts that the SCTV executives went to the Philippines to watch the show to see how it runs.

As of now, she explains, “Bulaga” Indonesia is on a trial period and SCTV will assess its performance after one season for 13 weeks.

'Bulaga' pilot in Indonesia gets good ratings

The debut of “Eat Bulaga” in Indonesia last Monday, July 16, did well, ratings-wise.

This was the good news Malou Choa-Fagar, senior vice president and chief operating officer of Television and Production Exponents Inc. (Tape Inc.).

“The Indonesian version airs for one-and-a-half-hours at 4 pm because they have to consider the viewers’ prayer time,” Malou added.

“Eat Bulaga”, the Indonesian version also retains all the segments Filipinos see everyday at noontime, like “Pinoy Henyo”, “One For All, All For One,” “Bolagaan” and “Karaoke Stud.”

And since Indonesians are not familiar with what “Eat Bulaga” means,  Malou revealed that the pilot episode carried an explanation about the show’s program. 

Watch Eat Bulaga Indonesia segment July 16, 2012 replay here:

Eat Bulaga Indonesia Opening Theme:

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