Derek Ramsay, Anne Curtis reunite; this time KC is the other woman

There’s a new other woman in the screen life of Anne Curtis and  Derek Ramsay.

The reigning and defending Box Office King and Queen will follow up their blockbuster No Other Woman with another love-triangle drama produced by Viva Entertainment.

This time, the third wheel is not Cristine Reyes but one of Viva’s hottest new leading ladies, KC Concepcion.

Tentatively titled Nothing Compares To You, the movie will see Anne and KC playing twentysomething  yuppies vying for the affection of Derek’s businessman character. This time, KC is the bad girl.

Contrary to rumors, KC has always been the only choice for the role. And it marks several firsts for her.

It’s her first movie in her new home studio and her first after her very public first big personal heartbreak. Appropriately it is also her first real mature role.

“I’ve been through a lot in the past year alone,” KC said during the movie’s story conference held Thursday at the Viva office. “Parang hindi na ata bagay sa akin ang mga pa-tweetums na role.”

For her part, Anne is most taken with the movie’s very contemporary look at relationships.

“For sure marami ang makaka-relate sa mga characters in the movie,” she remarked. “Matatawa ka sa situations kasi totoong totoo. Pwedeng-pwedeng mangyari sa ‘yo or sa friends mo or kakilala mo.”

The movie’s writer, award-winning scripter Mel del Rosario, says the movie touches on many areas that are very important modern life.

“It’s about friendship, it’s about family,” she noted. “It also takes a look at how modern techonology is shaping relationships these days. Like how the internet is making it easy to find relationships and, at the same time, how it makes it harder to maintain relationships.”

This is the first project together for Anne and KC, whether on the small or big screen. “More than anything we are excited to get to know each other during the shoot,” Anne said.

KC enthused: “I’m sure it’s gonna be fun.”

Nothing Compares To You starts filming in May under the direction of Nuel Naval. It is slated for release in theaters in September.

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