Top 10 sexual fantasies

The ex

Maybe we love thinking of our ex because it’s so wrong, or so out of reach; either way, it’s a turn on and we all love it. Getting this fantasy right is all about anchoring it in reality. You need to visualize places where you and your ex used to hang out, or things you used to do to one another. This way, your fantasy will feel like it could be a reality, which is hot, hot, hot.

Lights, camera, action

Most people who don’t like being centre stage in their day-to-day life love lots of attention in their dream world and this is why being filmed during sex is such a popular fantasy. To make this fantasy good think about how you would like to be filmed, what you’d be doing and who you’d be doing it with. Is anyone watching, or is this going to be a private tape for those lonely nights in?

The cop

Who doesn’t love a uniform? Combine that smart costume with a dominatrix-like attitude and bingo, you have one saucy daydream. Handcuffs, batons and even a police chase can feature within your dream. To keep the cop idea fresh, you should sometimes switch roles and think about being the cop, or being the captured criminal.
Top 10 sexual fantasies

The club

It’s dark, there are lots of young hotties dancing around and then a stunning person walks up to you and... Well, you know the rest. Getting it on in a club had to make it onto the top sexual fantasy list because pretty much everyone has wanted to do it or, at the very least, everyone’s thought about what it would be like.

The stranger

Many people would love to try no-strings-attached sex with a complete stranger, but most are too scared or would feel way to guilty to give it a go. For that reason, this is perfect fantasy material. Choosing a gorgeous stranger who you’ve spotted during the day is a great way to kick off this raunchy dream.

The food fight

Food and sex have always gone hand in hand, so it’s no wonder that a food fight is one of the top seven fantasies. If you love your food, then you can think about different types, like sweet and savoury. Plus picture different settings: picking fruit in Spain, in a sauna-like kitchen or even in a cafeteria. As always, variety is the key for this food fight fancy.

The swimming pool

The swimming pool fantasy often features in big, Hollywood films and why wouldn’t it? The thought of diving into a big, blue pool and finding your all time, number one guy or girl wearing very little and looking very good is always going to be a huge turn on. This little fantasy will always hold some allure for people, which is why it’s on our top 10 sexual fantasies list.

The teacher

When you were at school, you hated it, but now you’ve left, teachers keep popping into your dirtiest thoughts. People may love the teacher fantasy so much because of Britney and her Baby One More Time video, but we have a feeling that people love this because of the authoritative role the other person can adopt.

The threesome

In reality, threesomes can be awkward incidents that are best forgotten, but in your dream world they can be a whole lot of fun. This is such a staple sexual fantasy because it is so easily interchangeable. You can have two guys, two girls or one of both sexes. There’s also endless kinky tricks you can try out in an orgy that would never work with a two-person team.

The peep show

Not many people would actually like to fantasise about a peep show, but peeping at others who are having sex actually excites lots of people. You could think about watching people on screen, or people getting it on outside, like at the beach or in a park. It’s exciting because there’s a chance you might get caught.
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