Kim Balot, Francis Boyce as PBB Teens 4 house players

Francis Boyce and Kim Balot were introduced Sunday night as the two house players of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season 4.

During Sunday night’s episode of PBB Teen Edition 4, a twist was revealed. Two house players were introduced and they are connected to two teen housemates.

The first house player is Francis Boyce and he is Ryan Boyce’s older brother.

The second house player is Kim Balot and she is Yves Flores’ “girl bestfriend” outside the house.

We don’t see any problem with the entrance of Francis, he’s just Ryan’s brother and it’s nice to see them reunited inside Kuya’s house. Who knows, if Francis–who already became a trending topic on Twitter–receives positive feedback from viewers in the days to come, Big Brother might change his status from being a house player to a housemate, right? Anything is possible.

However, Kim Balot‘s entrace to the PBB house is somewhat complicated. Yves admitted in a previous episode that he and Kim are “unofficially” BFGF or “boyfriend girlfriend.” They had an agreement to tell people that they are in a relationship, a favor Yves did for Kim who was having problems with an old flame. But the “act” continued in such a way that they celebrate month-saries.

But as we all know, Yves has developed feelings for teen housemate Myrtle and their relationship is evolving into something “more than friendship thingy.” Notice their body language? (I could almost hear Vice Ganda say “PBB Teens, PBB Teens” hehe)

So what will happen to Yves and Myrtle’s growing “friendship” now that Kim Balot entered the picture? What are the tasks that Big Brother will give to the 2 house players? And what will happen if Big Utol also enters the house?

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