ABS-CBN’s Firsts in the Philippine Broadcasting History (Part 1)

The current ABS-CBN logo

Asia’s FIRST Commercial Television Broadcasting Network and Philippines FIRST Broadcasting Network

  • ABS-CBN was founded by James Linderberg and Antonio Quirino (owns ABS 3) and Eugenio Lopez Sr. (owns CBN 9) on June 13, 1946.
ABS-CBN logo from 1972

Philippines’ FIRST and LARGEST Communication Media Conglomerate

  • The two first television networks formally merged on February 1, 1957. The merging of ABS 3 and CBN 9 formed the Philippines’ largest media conglomerate.
ABS-CBN's Student Canteen

Philippines’ FIRST Noontime Variety Show

  • ABS-CBN aired the first noontime variety show “Student Canteen” that provides innovative blends of contests, games, musical performances and superb hosting for noontime entertainment.
Aired the FIRST Philippine Game Show

  • Like the first noontime show, ABS-CBN also aired the first game show in the Philippines, “What’s My Living?”

Owns the FIRST Provincial TV Station in the Philippines

  • June 14, 1961 when ELJ (Eugenio Lopez, Jr.) built the first provincial TV station in Cebu airing 4 hours with the tallest tower (in that time) in Cebu measuring 216 feet.
ABS-CBN's Hiwaga sa Bahay na Bato

Philippines’ FIRST Soap Opera

  • “Hiwaga sa Bahay na Bato” was the title of the first Philippine soap opera aired in ABS-CBN in 1962.
ABS-CBN's Buhay Artista

Philippines’ FIRST Comedy Show

  • Dolphy was the main star in ABS-CBN’s and Philippines’ first comedy show, “Buhay Artista” in 1964.
ABS-CBN and RCA color television

Brought the FIRST Philippine Color TV Broadcasting

  • With the joint venture of ELJ to Radio Corporation of America, Philippines now enters the world of color TV broadcasting.

FIRST Marathon Election TV Coverage in the Country

  • The largest media corporation ground breaks the first marathon election TV coverage on November 14, 1967, “Halalan ‘67” that airs polls and updates for straight 36 hours on television.
ABS-CBN's Sarimanok

Philippines’ FIRST Media Conglomerate to Win an International Prestigious Giving Body

  • ABS-CBN won 2 Gold Medals for Excellence in the New York TV and Film Festival for the Sarimanok Station ID.

ABS-CBN’s FIRST Color Station ID in the Philippine TV

  • The internationally-awarded Sarimanok Station ID was the first station ID in color.
ABS-CBN Broadcasting Complex

The Philippines’ FIRST Broadcasting Center and the MOST ADVANCED Broadcasting Center was built by ABS-CBN

  • On December 18, 1968, ABS-CBN built the most advanced media facility in the Philippines, the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center in Bohol Ave., Diliman, Q.C., next to NHK in Japan
1968 US Elections

FIRST Philippine TV Broadcaster that Broadcasts Live Satellite Transmissions Abroad

  • ABS-CBN uses the first live satellite transmission abroad like John F. Kennedy’s Funeral and the 1968 US Elections in New York
Ruby Tower

Used the FIRST Microwave Transmission Coverage

  • 1969 was the year when Ruby Tower collapsed and broadcasted in TV using the first microwave transmission coverage on a multi-cam Outside Broadcast (OB) Van
Man on The Moon

Broadcasted the FIRST Philippine TV Coverage of an Interplanetary Event

  • People of the Philippines witnessed the man’s first step on the moon when ABS-CBN delivers “Man on the Moon” coverage, the country’s first TV telecast of an interplanetary event via satellite, anchored by Bong Lapira that airs live feeds and updates with annotations in the Philippines with the country’s brightest scientists.

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