Erich and Mario film, 'Suddenly It's Magic' revealed two major locations

Erich and Mario's movie, Suddenly It's Magic tells the story of a romantically jaded Filipina baker who is changed when she meets a Thai superstar who visits the Philippines to escape from his busy career.

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 Erich Gonzales will play the role of a Pinay businesswoman who runs her own bakeshop.“My character here, I own a bakeshop. I’m actually a pastry chef. I just got out of a bad relationship that’s why I became a little jaded or bitter when it comes to love. Then I meet this Thai guy who will change my life, and so that’s where the magic begins,” Erich said in an interview with ABS-CBN News.

Meanwhile, Mario Maurer will play Marcus, a Thai movie star who will get tired of the lime light and finds way to live in peace somewhere far away.“My character’s name is Marcus, and he’s a Thai superstar. He works in the movie business, [but] he gets bored of the career that he made, and one day he just decided he wants to go somewhere, like the Philippines, and that’s when the magic starts,” Mario Maurer said.

The said movie will be shot in location at Bangkok, Thailand and Ilocos, Philippines. Mario will be returning to the country in May for Suddenly It's Magic movie shoot.Could there be a possibility that Mario will court Erich on the course of their movie shoot as some movie team ups ended up? Well, Erich is quick to say that they will just remain friends even after the shoot as Mario has a girlfriend already.

“Everybody knows that he has a longtime girlfriend, and I really admire their relationship, and we’re here to work and to have fun, and definitely we’ll be close friends even after this,” Erich told ABS-CBN news coming to the rescue for Mario who was asked the question.

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